Texas school massacre victims were all in the same class

Texas school massacre victims were all in the same class

Salvador Ramos had announced the massacre on social media.

Salvador Ramos was 18 years old with no criminal record and no known mental problem. He used an AR-15 and the “only indication” of a massacre on the horizon was on Facebook, where he wrote “30 minutes before I got to school: I’m about to shoot my grandmother. Later he wrote: I shot my grandmother, then 15 minutes ago Of the carnage, she added: I’m on the verge of an elementary school shooting.” This was confirmed by Texas Governor Greg Abbott, noting that the killer shot his grandmother in the face and then fled. Then he went to elementary school, where he entered through the back door.

Letters sent to a girl in Germany –

A few minutes before the Yuvaldi massacre took place, Ramos also sent a series of messages to a girl in Germany declaring “I’m going to shoot in an elementary school” and that she “just shot her grandmother in the head”. News of the messages had already surfaced, but CNN is revealing the content of those exchanges. The girl is 15 years old, she lives in Frankfurt and she met the killer via a social platform on May 9. The spam was sent at 11.21 am local time, 5.21 pm in Italy, just before the massacre. In the previous days, Samos told the girl that ammunition had arrived.

The phone call before the massacre: “I love you” –

The young woman said she received a phone call, around 11 local time, in which Ramos told her he loved her. The girl explained that she talked to the killer every day on FaceTime and through an app called Yubo, and that she played with him on another app, Plato. “He seemed happy and relaxed,” he said. He once told her that he was going to visit her “soon” in Frankfurt. But the other messages bothered her. When he told her about ammunition, for example, she “expanded when contacting people.” I asked him what he was going to do, and he said, “Wait, it’s a surprise.” In another letter, the killer wrote to her that he had “thrown dead cats on some houses.”

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Texas lawyer: Teachers should be armed

Meanwhile, the debate over free access to guns continues in the United States. While President Biden argues that “it’s time to turn the pain into action,” Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, a Republican (Trump ally), is raising the idea of ​​arming teachers. “We can’t prevent bad guys from doing bad things,” Paxton said. “But we can arm and prepare teachers to respond quickly. In my opinion, that’s the best answer.”

Killing the child while sounding the alarm.

And from investigative sources, the horrific dynamics of the Yuvaldi massacre began to seep in. Little Amerie Jo Garza, a victim of the Texas shooting, tried to call 911 (the emergency number) when she saw the killer. The 10-year-old was probably the first to be killed by a gunshot precisely because she saw it with the phone in her hand.

Child killer: ‘You are all about to die’ –

“The gunman came in and told the children, ‘You are going to die,’” the grandmother of the young heroine said. “Amiri took her phone and called the emergency services. Shot her.” Her father, Angel Garza, wrote on Facebook: “Thank you all for your prayers and for the help you have given me in finding my daughter. I found. My little love now flies with the angels above. Please don’t take a second of life for granted. Hug your family. Tell them you love them. I love you, prince joe. Protect your little brother for me.”

One million guns registered in the state, the top USA –

In 2021, Texas had one million registered guns, the largest number in the United States and more than those in Florida and Virginia, which ranked second and third, respectively, in the US ranking. The Houston Chronicle reports, noting that since 2018, Texas has also had the record for the most deaths in mass shootings.

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A special immigration agent kills the killer.

An Ovaldi, Texas, elementary school killer was killed by an agent of Burtack, the US Border Patrol’s tactical Border Patrol unit that specializes in responding to terrorist threats of all kinds. Fox reported that the agent was in the area as part of an operation against illegal immigration smuggling into the United States when the alarm went off. Immediately intervene, the agent was able to stop the killers while still slightly injured.

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