Sonnego-Sener 0-3 (4-6, 2-6, 4-6). Now at Berrettini Stadium LIVE

Sonnego-Sener 0-3 (4-6, 2-6, 4-6).  Now at Berrettini Stadium LIVE

New York (United States)Blue Derby In the second round of us open. on hard courts Flushing Meadows, kafir He got over it Sonego with a score of 3-0 (4-6, 2-6, 4-6), thus achieving qualification to the third round of the four Grand Slams for the United States, in front of the winner of the match between chevyri And Wawrinka. in the stadium now beretini and then Arnaldi: they play straight against the French renderkneesh And Phils. In the women’s championship space, a bronze And Trevisan. Watch today’s live broadcast.

8:39 p.m

Renderknech broke the first set: 6-4

Berrettini loses his turn at the bat at the moment of truth and the French lead 1-0.


RenderKneesh insists: 5-4

The Frenchman, in his second attempt to gain the advantage and without conceding break points to Berrettini, holds serve.

8:27 p.m

Caps, other risks: 4-4

The Italian canceled out two break points (there are generally five) and held his serve back.

8:21 p.m

Rinderkneesh leads 4-3

The field is at the service of the Frenchman (40-15), who returns forward in part of the first set.

8:17 p.m

Berrettini tied with excitement: 3-3

From 40-0 to Rinderknech’s three break points were disalloweduntil the game returned home. Bettini wins on merits Take a lot of risks. Infinite game, lasting more than 10 minutes.


Rinderknech lead: 3-2

The Frenchman serves against Berrettini and finishes the match strong 40-30.

7:59 p.m

Berrettini and Renderknish: 2-2

Balance on the field, no breaks at the start of the match.

7:51 p.m

Berrettini there: 1-1

A good forehand from the Italian, who ended the match with a score of 40-30.

7:47 p.m

Renderkneesh 1-0

The Frenchman did not concede points to Berrettini in the first game of the match.

7.45 p.m

Bronzetti leads 1-0

In the women’s competition, Lucia won the first set (6-3) against the German Les.


Berrettini on the field

Everyone is ready for the challenge between the Romans and the French renderkneesh. The heating phase is in progress

7:37 p.m

The culprit: the next opponent

In the third round of the US Open, Yannick will face the winner of the match between Argentine Thomas Martin Echeverri and Swiss Stan Wawrinka.


The Comet: “Satisfied With Tennis”

“I played well so I’m very satisfied – He said kafir At the end of the game – Now I think about the third round and thank the fans who came in large numbers to watch the Derby d’Italia in New York. Lorenzo is a good boy, we know each other, we play together in the Davis Cup. It wasn’t easy for both of them. There wasn’t much speed, but I did well. I’m sorry for Lorenzo but our sport is like that. I could do better, but I’m happy with my job. I work a lot and always try to do my best, and I’ve also worked harder on a sporting level. I hope this will continue to be the case in the future of this tournament. I’ve always had a very good feeling in New York. Let’s see what happens. Gucci bag? I don’t think about distractions. I just want to think about the field.”

7:16 p.m

Sinner won the third and final set 6-4

Sinner leaves Sonego to zero again and flies to the third round of the US Open. Yanick’s total range.

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7:13 p.m

Sonego abbreviated: 5-4

Sonego holds on, winning the match on the racket, but now Sinner goes to serve to close out the match.

7:08 pm

The sinner goes up: 5-3

Another match ended in zero for Sinner, who led him to success in the Italian derby

7:06 p.m

Sonego does not give up: 4-3

Sonego believes this and stays in the game using the serve. The match ended 40-30


Sinner’s lead 4-2

Perfect game for Sinner who doesn’t give Sonego a single point.


Sinner flies now: 3-1

Yannick drops 15-30 and then completes the comeback, confirming and extending the break.


The sinner’s places at rest: 2-1

Janek finished the match on the third break point and took the lead in the third set.

6:47 p.m

The sinner immediately equalized the scores: 1-1

South Tyrol leads 40-0 Then he commits his first double fault of the match.

6:44 p.m

Sonego started well in the third set: 1-0

In favor of the Turinians, he saves a break point and after a very long match (10 minutes) holds serve.

6:29 p.m

Sinner also won the second set

Second half on Velvet for South Tyrol: 6-2 to Sonego.

6:26 p.m

The sinner also sees the second group

Another strong game from South Tyrol who converted the first break point and closed out the match. Now Sonego will work to stay in the partial segment.

6:21 p.m

The sinner who cannot be contained: 4-2

Yannick flies 40-0 and ends the match with the applause of the aces.

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6:18 pm

Sonego narrows the difference: 2-3

The Piedmontese make the match their own and hold serve without giving up any break points.

6:10 p.m

The Uncontainable Sinner: 3-1!

The South Tyrol player took a 40-15 lead and finished off the match with a powerful kick.

6:08 p.m

Sunigo carries the serve: 1-2

The match ended in zero for Piedmont, who were shaken and trying to recover Sinner.

6:04 p.m

Wrong width: 2-0

The South Tyrolean player closes the scores with a smash, another applause game.

6 p.m

Siner puts the break: 1-0 in the second set

South Tyrolean plays another game at the highest level: it forces Sonego, who has to chase 15-30, to concede two break points. He catches the sinner at the first opportunity.

5.55 p.m

Sinner wins the first set

South Tyrolean made their first round 6-4 against Sonego after 43 minutes of play.

5.50 p.m

Sonego Doesn’t Give Up: 4-5

The Torino player leads 30-0 and then rounds off the game with a great serve and volley. Sinner now serves for the group.

5:46 p.m

Wrong there: 5-3

South Tyrol wins the eighth game of the match and sees the group. Sonego is now working to stay in the top group.


Sonego is short and does not give up: 3-4

Match to zero for turiens who download.


The sinner carries the service: 4-2

The South Tyrol player restored a two-game gap with Sonego and began to see success in Group A.


Sonego narrows the difference: 2-3

Excellent game from Torino who, after a moment of difficulty, seem to be fully back in the game.


Faulty easily: 3-1

South Tyrol led 30-0 but Sonnego responded with two excellent points, restoring parity. However, the 22-year-old from San Candido was irrepressible: he won the match and made sure of the break.

5.25 p.m

Sinner completes the comeback: 2-1

South Tyrol takes the lead: Sonego’s forward error is decisive.

5:19 pm

The foul equalized the score: 1-1

The match ended in a nil for South Tyrol, who immediately restored par.

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5:17 pm

Sonego lead: 1-0

An excellent start to the match for Turini, who saved a break point from Sinner and held serve.


Sonego to the service

The Torino player will be the first to serve in the blue derby. A few more minutes of warming up and off we go!


Sonego and Sinner on the field!

the Two blues Enter the field, greeted Standing applause From the public. None yet run out:L New York Actually they are 11 am.


Sonnego-senner, just a few minutes and we’re off

Soon the two blue players will take over tunnel One of the main areas of us openPrestigious Louis Armstrong Stadium.

4.50 pm

Sonego-Sinner, ex

Today a Flushing Meadows It will be the third confrontation between the two teams, as the previous confrontation, both dated 2023, smiled for South Tyrol. The first dates back to Quarterfinals to Montpellierwith the current No. 6 seed coming out on top 6-4, 6-2 Then he continues to win the championship, while advertising Haley He had more problems: a knockout in the first set Break the tie But the ultimate success with A Double 6-4.

4.45 p.m

The US is open, the other Italians are in the field

Matthew Arnaldin.61 Atp, will encounter Arthur Fells, No. 48 in the world, at Court 10 from 7.45pm in Italy. In the women’s draw, on the field Lucia Bronzetti And Martina Trevisan: Remini, N. 76 Wta, will challenge the German Eva is not, No. 143 of the ranking. Florence will play against the Czech national team instead Marketa VondrousovaNo. 9 in the world.


The US Open, and Berrettini is also on court

the Romanian tennis playeror n. 36 ATP, will face the French Arthur Renderknech, No. 73 player in the world. The match will be held on Field 5 It will start no later than Local time 11the 17 in Italy.


Us Open, Sinner Challenges Sonego: Schedule and Where to Watch It on TV and Streaming

Blue Derby In the second round a Flushing MeadowsIn the field as well beretini And Arnaldi. (Here are the details)

Louis Armstrong Stadium, New York (USA)

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