Direct Chelsea – Juventus: 3-0 Champions 2021/2022. live the match

  • Where to play the game:

    Venue: Stamford Bridge
    City: London
    Capacity: 41,798 spectators20:24

  • Good evening, and welcome to the live report of the Chelsea-Juventus match, valid for the fifth day of Group H of the Champions League.20:24

  • After their defeat in Turin against Juventus on September 29, Chelsea racked up a run of eight straight wins – including their last 3-0 on Saturday against Leicester – and drew, despite numerous injuries and absences. The goal of the Tuchel team, the only leaders in the English Premier League, is to regain leadership in Group H at the expense of the Bianconeri and to qualify mathematically for the next round.20:26

  • After qualifying with at least two rounds, Juventus go to London for the second leg match against Chelsea in the Champions League group. The Bianconeri’s goal is to win to consolidate the precedence at the top of the group, which in the second round will guarantee an opponent among the other groups, and perhaps find some certainty also repeated in the league.20:26

  • Chelsea Official Training (3-4-2-1) Mendy; Shalluba, Thiago; Silva, Rudiger; James, Jorginho; Kante, Chilwell; Ziyech, Pulisic, Hudson-Odoi. Available: Kepa, Marcos Alonso, Christensen, Lukaku, Werner, Loftus-Cheek, Bettinelli, Saul, Barkley, Mount, Azpilicueta, Sar. everybody. Tochel.20:28

  • Juventus official training (4-3-1-2): Szczesny; Cuadrado, Bonucci, De Ligt, Alex Sandro; Bentancourt, Locatelli, Rabiot; McKinney. Morata, Church. Available: Perin, Pinsoglio, Arthur, Dybala, Kean, Rugani, Kulusveski, De Winter. Allegri flocks.20:30

  • Chelsea focus on the three-man defense with Chaluba, Thiago Silva and Rudiger against Mendy. Medium consists of the usual duo of Jorginho and Kanté. James and Chilwell will be running the trails, respectively. Ahead, the trident consists of Ziyech, Pulisic, and Hudson-Odoi.20:31

  • Due to injuries, Allegri has almost mandatory training options. Chesney in the goal, and in front of him 4 lines with Cuadrado, Bonucci, De Ligt and Alex Sandro. Rabiot in the midfield with Bentancourt and Locatelli behind McKinney, who will play between midfield and full-back. In front of him again the Morata church along.20:32

  • Everything is ready at Stamford Bridge for the start of the big game of Group H evening. Chelsea and Juventus are already ready.21:00

  • 1 ‘

    The match begins! The first ball is managed by the defending champion Chelsea.21:00

  • 2′

    Chelsea chance! The house formation was immediately dangerous. Kante hits the penalty area and a soft cross pass from the right: the ball was not pushed into the net by Tuchel’s men. Then De Ligt rejected a corner kick.21:02

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  • 3′

    Chilwell tries the left shot from a distance of 20 metres. An offsetting shot ends over the bar.21:03

  • 5′

    Aimpante is a Chelsea start that forces Juventus to stay cohesive in their Metacambo. Allegri’s team struggles to get out.21:05

  • 7′

    A personal act by Rudiger who, after recovering the ball in the midfield, reaches the ball into the penalty area. Bentancur will take care of her in a slip to sweep a corner kick.21:07

  • 9′

    Corner kick to return to the center of the area by James. Shaluba arrives with his head which, however, does not frame the door mirror.21:09

  • 10′

    Try to show the Juventus striker in these first 10 minutes. Bentancur turns left for Morata who focuses and tries right: rejected by the England defense.21:10

  • 12′

    He clears his head, after the first minutes of his defence, with the formation of Max Allegri. The pressure from Chelsea subsided, allowing the Bianconeri to think with the ball.21:12

  • 15th’

    Chelsea chance! Try Hudson-Odoi’s personal brew, which is well served by Pulisic within the region. Crossing in the middle is dangerous, rejected in a slide by the intervention of Providence de Ligt.21:15

  • 18 ‘

    Chelsea pressure continues, as happened in the first minutes of the match, and the Bianconeri besieged Metacampo.21:18

  • 19 ‘

    Rudiger, often in an offensive drop at this point in the game, is trying to conclude with his left hand: The ball ends up on the side.21:19

  • 21′

    Tuchel’s men constantly go in search of Hudson-Odoi raids. So far, the right-wing Juventus streak, formed by McKinney and Cuadrado, has been good at containing the singles Chelsea winger.21:21

  • 23 ‘

    Juventus included: A yellow card for Cuadrado.21:23

  • 24′

    Chelsea chance! Despite the tight angle, James still tried to shoot on goal. A poisonous bullet he found ready to fend off Chesney.21:23

  • 25′

    Goal! Chelsea vs Juventus 1-0! slub network. A corner kick was executed inside the penalty area, and Rudiger modified it to shoot from two steps for the central defender of Chelsea. His first goal in the Champions League and the English advantage.21:26

  • 28 ‘

    Juventus Chance! Locatelli’s great filter for input into the Morata region. The Spanish striker beats Mendy, but Thiago Silva saves everything on the goal line. The prodigy of the former Brazilian defender Milan.21:29

  • 30′

    Good reaction from Juventus after being hit by the goal moments ago. Allegri’s side must return to being dangerous if they are to win at least one draw at Stamford Bridge.21:31

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  • 33 ‘

    More steady pace on the part of Chelsea who, of course, has no desire to increase pressure after finding the advantage.21:33

  • 37 ‘

    Chelsea chance! James played very well on the right wing free to shoot on goal. Chest pauses and a violent finale to cross: Chesney’s excellent response in a corner kick.21:37

  • 37 ‘

    Chelsea substitution: Kante exits, Loftus-Cheek entry.21:37

  • 38 ‘

    Chelsea are still dangerous on an inactive ball. Rüdiger heading for a corner: kicked a little outside.21:38

  • 40′

    Another mistake from Rabiot in the Juventus defense quarter. Pulisic tries to take advantage of that, looking for Hudson-Odoi on the other flank: a poorly calibrated ball and a faded action.21:41

  • 43 ‘

    Chelsea chance! Jorginho found Hudson-Odoi entering the penalty area who, head-on with Szczesny, expected a perfect Bonucci corner kick.21:43

  • 45′

    Referee Jovanovic announced two minutes of injury time.21:45

  • 45′ + 2′

    Juventus Chance! Drums for Juventus in the first half and the final. Chiesa skips two men and serves Bentancur on the edge of the area. The takeaway about the Juventus midfielder who ends up aloft over the bar.21:48

  • 45′ + 2′

    The end of the first half: Chelsea – Juventus 1-0.21:48

  • The first half at Stamford Bridge ended with the home side’s advantage signed by Chalopah. Chelsea are masters of the game from the first minutes, but open the score only on an inactive ball. The English defender closes the scrum in the penalty area from a corner kick with his right. A few moments later, Juventus grabbed the ball to equalize but a providential attempt by Thiago Silva betrayed Morata’s throat ache after passing Mendy on the way out.21:50

  • 46 ‘

    She’s back at Stamford Bridge! The ball is managed by Juventus.22:03

  • 49 ‘

    Lightning restart for Chelsea thanks to the combination of Ziyech and Hudson-Odoi. The English side enters the penalty area and is blocked by De Ligt when he hits the net.22:06

  • 50′

    James tries to change the game, but he hits Rabio in the face and hits the ground. The Juventus medical staff stopped at the stadium and the match in London.22:08

  • 52 ‘

    The warm-up starts from the main men on the bench at Juventus. Kane, Kolosevsky and Dybala are ready to enter this second half.22:10

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  • 53 ‘

    Take the free kick towards the middle of the area. Thiago Silva stands out as he tackles Chesney with a low fist.22:11

  • 54 ‘

    Chelsea chance! Erroraccio in Bentancourt’s withdrawal which gives Tuchel’s men a potential target opportunity. Ziyech Hudson-Odoi shoots in the penalty area, but the English winger still stands at the most beautiful by the Juventus backguard.22:12

  • 55 ‘

    Goal! Chelsea vs Juventus 2-0! James Network. Cross from the left, veered to the far post with a Bonucci intervention, where James is ready to level the ball and kick it hard with his right. Conclusion to cross becomes unstoppable for Chesney: Blues double at Stamford Bridge.22:14

  • 58 ‘

    Goal! Chelsea vs Juventus 3-0! Hudson-Odoi Network. Great job for the European champions finding the triple advantage target. James is a free man on the right, left again by Alex Sandro, capable of sorting into the penalty area. Loftus-Cheek, after a lucky bounce, managed to find Hudson-Odoi kicking with his left foot and punching Szczesny for the third time.22:17

  • 59′

    Juventus substitution: Bentancur exits and Dybala’s entry.22:17

  • 60′

    Allegri’s team literally collapsed in the second half. After a good first half, this start to recovery was a real nightmare for the Bianconeri. Now half an hour of playing until you don’t completely lose your head.22:19

  • 64 ‘

    I am currently suspended at Stamford Bridge. Ziyech remains on the ground after the game clash, giving the Doctors the opportunity to enter the field.22:22

  • 67′

    Juventus substitution: Locatelli exits, Arthur’s entry.22:24

  • 67′

    Juventus substitution: Morata exits and Kane’s entry.22:25

  • 68 ‘

    Chilwell is unable to continue the match after facing the match with Rabiot. The Chelsea winger limped off the field, and the entire Stamford Bridge crowd applauded him.22:26

  • 71 ‘

    Chelsea substitution: Chiwell leaves, Azpilicueta enters.22:29

  • 72 ‘

    Chelsea substitution: Pulisic leaves, Werner enters.22:29

  • 74 ‘

    Despite Chelsea’s weakness and slow pace, Juventus found no way to hurt the European champions in this second half. The substitutions did not turn a profit for Allegri’s men: the black and white team was stopped in London.22:32

  • 76 ‘

    Chelsea substitution: Hudson-Odoi exits, enters Mt.22:34

  • 76 ‘

    Chelsea substitution: Jorginho goes out and Saul comes in.22:34

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