To feel good during adolescence, 5 friends are enough: science says so

To feel good during adolescence, 5 friends are enough: science says so

Dryour teenage life? To make a difference, 5 friends are enough: a Chinese study proves it

live with a teenage son At home it is not easy at all. Needs change, relationships develop, and harmony between mother and child becomes a challenging task. but Enough friends to feel good during adolescence: 5, to be exact.

Adolescence, 5 friends to feel good

At a sensitive age like adolescence, choosing the right people is essential to feeling fulfilled. Surrounding yourself with those who are truly able to make you smile in moments of “no” is essential to living in peace. Here are the following: Friendship plays a very important role. one proves it The study conducted by Fudan Universityin China.

To live well, you can literally count your friends on the fingers of one hand… According to the Chinese University, in fact, 5 friends is enough for a teenager to feel good. In short, science also tells us: The important thing is qualitynot the quantity. Few but good: the right friends in such a fragile age to prefer Emotional and cognitive developmentAnd also support Academic performance and meet The desire to be understood. Having more than five friends doesn’t mean you don’t value others. The soul deals with them differently. These are relationships that run the risk of being destroyed over time, often with less comprehensive knowledge and less anxiety. In short, the research shows that it is our brain that signals the “ideal” number of friends.

The importance of friends

In an era where the virtual world dominates, the studio emphasizes the importance of real, tangible and tangible friendships. In the constant race to search for new followers, we may forget that true friends are others, and relationships that matter cannot be found either on Instagram or on other social networks. Be careful not to confuse friends and followers. Intermittent and intermittent presence has nothing to do with friendship, it requires a stable relationship, made up of sharing, falling and smiling, difficult moments and moments full of happiness.

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A true friend does not always agree with you, but he is ready to support you when you need it and is by your side to enjoy your greatest satisfaction. He knows how to advise you from the heart and rebuke you when necessary. He wants clarification after a misunderstanding and does not remove you from his life with a trivial “click”.

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