Starfield, Digital Foundry’s analysis calls it Bethesda’s best game

Starfield, Digital Foundry’s analysis calls it Bethesda’s best game

Digital Foundry Locate starfield the Best Bethesda game Technically and in terms of finish, given that it was presented at launch in basically perfect condition and with very few problems: a real surprise for the team that Todd Howard coordinates.

Starfield, which was received with excellent marks by the international press, generated much discussion at the time of the project’s announcement 30fps on consolesbut the frame rate is obviously consistent and the result is a solid experience, devoid of uncertainties.

Even the inevitable compromises seem to have been made Xbox Series S It didn’t really affect the visual quality of the game, and aside from resolution and visual distance, the two platforms aren’t separated by a stellar gap.

resolution and frame rate

on AccuracyOn both Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S Starfield FSR 2 is used to render locally at values ​​lower than the output at 2160p and 1440p respectively. So the actual resolution is 1440p on the X Series and 900p on the S Series, with the possibility of a dynamometer in place.

As for Frame ratewith the day 1 patch, the 30 frames are completely stable, as mentioned earlier, although there are scenarios and situations that put the engine in a bit of a crunch which we hope will be fixed with the next updates.

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