Dear Batiato, Morgan vs. Biff: “He’s a real oboe player, nothing to do with dry figs. Excellent conductor cut my performance”

My performance was excluded from the Batiato special. Denouncing, so to speak, is an act Morgan. before start”Dear Battiato”, the evening dedicated to Franco Battiato and which was broadcast January 5 on Rai3, the singer-songwriter accused the conductor Biff of having decided not to include the performance of Marco Castoldi in the special show dedicated to the life of the maestro, with the performances being captured. greeting party which was held in the Verona Arena. Many have appeared: Gianni Morandi, Giovanotti, Gianna Nannini, Emma And many other things. Morgan included.

Before the evening began, we said, Morgan had made very specific accusations: “It appears that the honoring ceremony for Franco Battiato, which was broadcast this evening, was My performance for the piece was disqualifiedLike a camel in the gutter‘, or My only solo contribution. An unwavering decision for an excellent commander (like Pif), who has such deep knowledge of Batiato’s work, Delete one of his most important masterpiecesIn fact, those who watched the show could twice run into Morgan, who performed insigns of life In the voice of Fabio Centi and in “Shock in my town“With I Bluevertigo.

“To make sure that This beef is really a Piper, it has nothing to do with dry figsMorgan added in a live counter broadcast on social media during the broadcast. Next, he wanted to clarify his version: “I’m not a presidential candidate. I don’t care about appearances. Is that clear to you? What do I care? Playing music. Aiming. I was collaborating with Battiato for it. I loved Battiato for it. I was at the tribute party for that.” This is the music. My solo performance was the song they cut, and the other two songs were definitely less important. Sexy. You succeeded. Less everything. It was secondary. The heart of my musical presence in my life and in Franco’s life was in the camel in the gutter. The enemy of all passion and all talent. asked by FqMagazineAnd Biff preferred not to leave any comments for each other.

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