“So and what was shown” last episode: Antonino must defend the top spot

“So and what was shown” last episode: Antonino must defend the top spot

The last episode of sic and that appear. Among the makeup, wigs, feathers and sequins, we will finally know the name of the winner of the twelfth edition of Led variety Carlo Conti. Everything is ready at the Fabrizio Frizzi TV studios in Rome with the seventh scheduled broadcast of the Rai1 main group tonight, Friday, November 11, at 21.25.

Core episode, which will be announced The hero of the tale, which appears 12. But it will also be an important evening for the rest of the arrangement. Yes, because the best champions of this twelfth edition will have to deal with the best of the eleventh, in the Champions Tournament to be broadcast on Friday, November 18: in this case there will be a title The hero of the story that appears 2022. will succeed Antonino To maintain first place and thus victory? Nothing has been decided yet: the distance points between the ranking contenders are minimal and everything is still running.

For the heroes, it will be necessary to provide evidence of a major transformation once again with the aim of convincing A jury made up of Loretta GojiAnd the Giorgio PanareloAnd the Christian Malgoglio The fourth is the judge’s surprise. But you will also have to impress fellow adventurers, since each artist will have the opportunity to enrich the ranking by giving his preference to the fellow who wants to be rewarded (without forgetting the possibility of self-voting). A week ago it was a sample episode Andrea Dianetti.

In this final episode, contestants will perform in other unexpected transfers: Elena Ballerini Sarah Christina AguileraAnd the Rosalinda Canavu He will put himself in place Katy PerryAnd the Samira Lowe You will revive the legend of disco music Donna SummerAnd the Valeria Marini Trying to get to know the actress Nicole KidmanAnd the Alessandra Mussolini will be tested with Fiorella ManuiaAnd the Valentina Faris The gloomy English singer will remember Amy barAnd the Andrea Dianetti Will try to appear with Gianna NanniniAnd the Claudio Loretta will salute to Claudio VillaAnd the Jill Roca He will have an appearance Fabrizio MoroAnd the Antonino will defend primacy with Riccardo CociantiWhile Francesco Paolantoni And the Gabriel Cirelli they will be Loretta And the Daniela Jogi.

Even the audience at home, the Friday night prime-time leader with very high ratings, will have a say, because viewers can express their preferences via Facebook and Twitter: the three most-voted shows from the house will bring to the three artists respectively 5, 3 and 1 point. At the end of each bet, the highest total score determines the bet winner; The overall rating, given by the total votes for each episode, will instead result in the election of the final winner, who will then be announced The hero of the tale, which appears 12.

All eleven interpretations will be accompanied by an orchestra conducted by the maestro Pinoccio Pirazoli. Behind the scenes plays an essential role in diversity: a team of professionals, made up of costume designers, makeup artists, hairstylists and choreographers, follows the artist’s developments throughout the week, along with vocal coaches. Maria Grazia Fontana, dada loy, Matthew PicucciAnd the Antonio Mezansella And to coach the actor Emanuela O’Reilly. Also fixed date with “web impersonators”, who are also in this episode thanks to amateur videos. They will soon be flesh and blood heroes. so and what.

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