Visibilia: pays the millionth debt with the tax authorities – PMI

Visibilia: pays the millionth debt with the tax authorities – PMI

(ANSA) – MILAN, November 11 – Visibilia Editore has paid off debts with the Revenue Agency, which has triggered action to check the terms of the judicial liquidation promoted by the Milan public prosecutor. And it did so by taking advantage of the cash provided by Visibilia Concessionaria, a company that refers to the Minister of Tourism, Daniela Santanche.

During a meeting of the Visibilia Editore called for a decision on the cancellation of the board of directors, according to a memo, President Dimitri Kons of Habsburg Lorraine announced that the Visibilia Concessionaria had paid one million euros to Visibilia Editore, reducing its exposure owed to Visiblia Editore and allowing the company to repay debts of approximately 985 thousand euros. “A request to open judicial liquidation proceedings has been drafted.” “This – explains the note – is also in order to provide sufficient feedback regarding the prospects for the company’s business continuity.”

Therefore, Visibilia Editore “is implementing a series of appropriate initiatives to ensure continuity of business in the future and to give a decisive acceleration to the process of consolidating the company, and also with the aim of providing a clear indication regarding the ongoing pending action referred to in Article 2409 of the Italian Civil Code presented before the Milan Court” by some Minority shareholders.

During the meeting, it was recalled that Visibilia Editore Holding and Visibilia Concessionaria, companies affiliated with Santanché, had canceled their stake while the main shareholder became Luca Ruffino, who owns 7.87% of the capital through Sif, who is CEO and controlling. and 12.94% directly. (Dealing).

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