March 25, 2023

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In Bari, Lector previewed at Scienza 2023 in collaboration with Rai Radio3 Scienza

How are words used in scientific generalization? We should look the listener figuratively in the eyes, observe our language using direct words, not take things we know and think the listener should know too, and be sensitive in one’s narration of what might be the questions that are meant to arrive.” So the journalist spoke Rossella Banares, celebrity science, creator and presenter of Radio 3 Senza, who died prematurely in March of last year, spoke about the importance of correct information and respect for the audience on the other side of the microphone.
To remember the work and character of a great friend of the Lectorinfabula Festival, the Giuseppe Di Vagno Foundation, together with Radio Rai 3, which was organized on Saturday 12 November 2022, starting at 9.30, at the Kursaal Santalucia Theater in Bari, “In the distant sky” a morning dedicated to science and circular.
The morning will open with the presentation of the first edition of the Rossella Panarese Prize, intended for secondary schools across Puglia. A way to spread and encourage knowledge and interest in science and scientific publishing among students and encourage students to express their creativity through the language of podcasts. It will also be an opportunity to present the second edition of Lector in Science to be held in Conversano from May 25-27, 2023.
Several guests who will give life to the morning appointments and formats of Rai Radio3 in the lineup: at 9:30 the award is presented with the General Secretary of the Di Vagno Foundation Filippo Giannuzzi, Cristiana Castlotti in charge of the media programs and podcast of Rai Radio3, Daniela Mazuca, President of the Di Vagno Foundation , Andrea Montanari, Director of Rai Radio3, Luigi De Luca, Coordinator of the Bibliomuseali Poli Region. The Mayor of the City of Bari Antonio Decaro, Giuseppe Lovaccio, the Mayor of the City of Conversano, Giusepina Lotito, Director of the Regional School Office in the Province of Bari and husband of Stelvio Marini from Rossella Banares were invited.
10.15 a.m. “Agoràdio – Telling Science”, a topic that is also a necessity given what happened during the pandemic when our relationship with science changed. A discussion with many voices on science, universities, society and communication conducted by Marco Motta, with Claudia Koga AD from the Didalo Publishing House, Dean of the Polytechnic of Bari Francesco Cupertino, and in relation to – Elisa Balzzi, Professor of the University of Turin and the famous and scientific Massimo Temporelli.
At 11:30, broadcast the podcast “Omissis – Graziella De Palo: An Italian Story” with journalist and writer Loredana Lipperini. Precious work, one of the great successes of Radio 3 tells about the year, 1980, full of dramatic events. The Year Lost The Story of a 24-Year-Old Girl, the story of a young woman’s life who inadvertently confronts all the mysteries of Italy.
This is an event created within the framework of the three-year cultural promotion program “I Granai del Sapere 2022-2024” designed in cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism and Economics of Culture and Development of the Puglia Region, the city of Bari and the city of Conversano. Details and ways to participate at

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