Stock exchanges, Europe’s most bullish eyes Lagarde and Powell

Stock exchanges, Europe’s most bullish eyes Lagarde and Powell

(Il Sole 24 ore Radiocor) – The European stock exchanges They move higher after an uncertain start to the week: to support investors’ greater appetite for risk Good indications of the Covid front coming from Shanghai, on the third day without infection, and the possibility that China will ease the restrictive measures on the technology sector introduced in the past year and a half. The focus is on central bankers with intervention Christine Lagarde Tonight at the International Sisters of Loving event, while Federal Reserve was number one Jerome Powell They will be interviewed at a date organized by the Wall Street Journal.

“lam‘Economic inflation’ It is becoming an increasingly serious problem – MPs Capital Services analysts emphasized – in the euro area, the effects of the second level are limited at the moment, but energy and food inflation remains high and begins to worry more and more ». Bank of England Governor Bailey said central banks were “helpless” in the face of the accelerating inflation largely caused by it ‘Shocking’ increases in food (and energy) prices Exacerbated by the war in Ukraine. On the macro front, in addition to industrial production and US manufacturer confidence, all eyes will be on retail sales in April, which are useful for understanding the health of US consumers.

Meanwhile, in Italy, inflation slows by 0.1% in April to +6% over the year. The figure earned for 2022 is +5.2%. In the Eurozone, seasonally adjusted GDP increased by 0.3% in the first quarter of 2022 and by 0.4% in the European Union compared to the previous quarter.

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Iveco heads to Piazza Afari, and Unicpol seeks salvation

In the basket of the big forty in Milan, looking for salvation Unipol After two sessions in the red due to management’s desire not to proceed with the merger with Unipolsai. Well, both industrial stocks (SaipemAnd CNH IndustrialAnd Stilants) and bankers (Banco Bpm, Bieber). Stmicroelectronics e Moncler Take advantage of Chinese news on technology and the possibility of reopening. gathering IVECO Group Which benefits from the 2022 Daimler Truck Directive. Out of lFTSE MIB new exploit Saras Thanks to quarterly accounts and management forecasts on refining margins.

The euro is recovering, oil is rising

in the currency market The euro is recovering Land against the US currency that stayed above 1.04: last week the exchange rate closed at its lowest level since December 2016 remains below this level. in height petroleum, thanks to expectations that the restrictive measures will be eased in Shanghai after the second day of infection in the city. Gasoline futures rose above $4 a gallon for the first time with record numbers also in US retail prices: “It should be remembered – say Mps Capital Services analysts – that at the end of the month the country’s driving season will begin, with the consequent potential boost Demand for fuel (which is actually already starting to strengthen) ».

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