Citroen’s new concept: 15-year lease

Citroen’s new concept: 15-year lease

Buying a car requires an investment that is often far from careless, especially in a period like this, to the point of putting off in anticipation of better times. there Citroen However, he seems to have fully understood the importance of proposing customized solutions to those who find themselves in this situation and are considering launching a revolutionary proposal for the sector. This is the contract that will allow you to do so pay the amount customized for the car in 15 yearsjust as it usually happens with a home loan.

The idea of ​​Citroën stems from a double need: to meet those who find it difficult to pay the expected amount of the chosen car in a shorter period, as well as to start from the assumption of how The life cycle of the car has grownTherefore, deferring payment for three decades will make everything acceptable.

Thus, the goal is to make the customer realize how it is possible to continue driving the car even for more than 10 years, without reducing reliability: “We have to change this model and think that maybe we will have people who are interested in getting navigation in good conditions as well. After 12 years old, With a global life cycle of 15 years Or 250,000 km with the car in perfect condition, with the same maintenance contract for the first year even after 10 years ”- said Laurent Barria, Citroën Marketing Director in an interview with the weekly Autocar.

At least for the time being, there is no exact timing on when customers can take advantage of the new leasing method, but the goal is to make it available in short order: “We are working on The new rental method – Priya disclosure – which stipulates a minimum term of 36 or 48 months, but also a term of 15 years. I hope this product will be launched Next year“.

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Vehicles may also be subject to certain conditions maintenance programs Thanks to special agreements that can be stipulated with some workshops in the region. This will also provide Recycled spare parts So it costs more easily. He concluded, “The most complex part of this project is that we will have to give clients, for example between the tenth and fifteenth years of the contract, the exact same guarantees.”

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