Skoda challenges Dacia: under the €20,000 wall

Skoda challenges Dacia: under the €20,000 wall

Skoda is ready to challenge Dacia. The new city car is conquering the market and can be purchased at a bargain price.

In recent years, Dacia has experienced a really significant expansion. The Roman house of which it is today a part Renault group, has captured an ever-growing audience by discovering good sales figures. This is thanks to the policy of high performance and low prices. Only the low costs of Dacia cars are among them The main reasons for brand expansion. Now, however, competition is beginning to emerge, also from a price point of view.

Dacia trembles: the new model is coming (

Skoda, the Czech automaker, is, in fact, ready to launch a new model that promises to make life difficult for its competitors. In particular, the brand will have an expansion strategy ready that it expects to launch by 2030 Three models that aim to drive the brand’s transition towards electric vehicles.

Among them, in addition to a compact SUV and a 7-seater SUV, is expected The city car is ready to conquer the market-

New city car

In the company’s thoughts, the new car will bring The place is in the Skoda Fabia market. The challenge for the company, as mentioned, is to be able to guarantee high performance at a low price. The significant cost of making electric models, especially given the value of batteries and the recent increase in the cost of manufacturing materials, makes them Far from a simple task.

Dacia arrived in spring form On the threshold of 20,000 eurosand this represents the threshold at which Skoda also wants to take into account its modelsentering into direct competition with the Romanian company.

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To keep pricing in line with Skoda’s ideas, consider the Fabia’s starting price today 17,000 euros, the company has already thought of many strategies. Meanwhile, the new car could be based on a simplified version of the MEB platform.

To be able to remove something from the “battery costs” item, the company could decide to give up some autonomy, choosing to focus on a lower capacity power source, in order to manufacture the vehicle. Accessible to everyone. Due to the fact that in this case the battery charge will run out faster, the car will be strictly intended for urban use, as Dacia spring.

Thanks to the new unified cell battery and new technologies, a reduction in costs of up to 50% is assumed, also thanks to the increased use of recycled machinery.

there Skoda Al Rouq, the new city car, is ready to conquer the market. The styling is simple yet distinctive, with a black grille lining the front fascia and a light stripe on the edge of the hood. The car, as mentioned, will have The price is between 8,000 and 20,000 eurosvery competitive for segment B.

there SkodaIn short, it wants to consolidate its position within the Volkswagen Group, to which it belongs, as an affordable brand.

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