Chiara Nasti, her wedding dress has an amazing cost!

Chiara Nasti, her wedding dress has an amazing cost!

Here’s how much Neapolitan influencer Chiara Nasti spent on the wedding dress in which she said yes to her partner, Mattia Zaccani. Let’s see the details together!

Claire Nasty And Mattia Zakani They married on Tuesday, June 20, in a lavish ceremony at the Basilica of Santa Maria in the Ara Coeli in Rome, the same as Blasi and Totti’s wedding. Afterwards, the bride and groom and over 100 guests moved to the gorgeous Villa Miani for the wedding ceremony.

Chiara Nasti, wedding dress (already 3) at an amazing cost!

For the occasion, the influencer decided to wear different dresses, first for the church ceremony, and then, during the reception, she switched to two other models. The first was Monique Lhuillier from the exorbitant amount of 20 thousand eurosas it reveals Novella 2000. The dress featured a lace bodice and full tulle skirt. to receive Claire Nasty Instead, she opted for a sheath mermaid dress from the Berta Bridal collection, and finally, for the launch of the bouquet, the influencer decided to wear a short dress by designer Alessandro Angelozzi.

The reception lasted until late at night and the expensive wedding gifts for the guests were not chosen and shown You are born on his Instagram stories. As reports:

A long table with a large area of ​​famous shoppers on it is black Chanel writing on a white background and inside it are two packages: a smaller one with a rose with the names of Chiara and Mattia written on it and a larger one. Inside the more voluminous package, the real gift for the guests: a perfume from the famous French Maison, Paris- Venice in a bottle of 50 ml and costs 98 euros each.

Having married in a civil ceremony in March, the couple married, while in November they welcomed little Thiago, their eldest son, with whom he Clear I danced all evening.

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