Paolo Panchero, not an Italian national team: he will be at the World Cup with Team USA

Paolo Panchero, not an Italian national team: he will be at the World Cup with Team USA

Paolo Panchero decided. According to The Athletic’s Shams Charania, the leading rookie of the year He chose to join the US National Team before the next World Cup It will take place in Asia from August 25 to September 10 (all live on Sky Sports), thus becoming The eleventh member of Coach Steve Kerr’s team. If he makes his debut for the USA, the possibility of playing for the Italian national team will vanish, a possibility that became possible in 2020 after Obtaining a passport by him and his entire family Which would have allowed him to play with the Azzurri. Panchero, who was in Italy for several days last week for the first time in his life, I decided to accept the Team USA courtcommitting to participate in a World Cup where the Americans – Olympic champions – will attempt to avenge the worst sporting result in their history since the NBA professionals played seventh place at the World Cup in China in 2019.

Engagement of the Italian national team to the Panchero team

Azzurri’s interest in Paolo Banchero comes from afar, since 2018And Thanks to the work of Ricardo Foa in recruiting players of Italian descent across the United States. Panchiro at that time was still in high school and was divided between basketball and football, and after the national team approached him Complete the whole process of obtaining an Italian passport with his family. In the fall of 2020 he was called up by Azzurri To participate for the first time in a qualifying match to be held in Italy, but the positive Covid-19 virus of one of his family members prevented him from boarding the plane to Europe, The possibility of debuting with ItalBasket thus vanished thus securing him for the rest of his international career. Panchero then went on to become a college basketball star at Duke and later a first overall draftee for the Orlando Magic, but as recently as this past October He kept claiming he wanted to play with the Blues, as he reiterated on then-teammate RJ Hampton’s podcast. Panchero then had an exceptional rookie season in the NBA, being named Rookie of the Year, W.L.L Something has changed: The national team mission organized at the beginning of the year to visit him in Orlando did not produce results, until the decision to join the USA team in preparation for the World Cup. Banchero would officially lose his eligibility for the Azzurri until he made his debut with the United States, however His decision has now been made.

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Pozzecco-Banchero meeting, opening for the national team

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