Six ideas for dining with the scoundrel in a fun way

Six ideas for dining with the scoundrel in a fun way

BarcelonaStrawberries are delicious on their own and definitely do not need any additives to enjoy them in the best possible way. But to get out of the routine and surprise the scoundrel at home a little, strawberries can be prepared in fun ways to attract his attention, spend quality time together, and taste them in an alternative way to the way we always do. Spooning cream on strawberries does not fail, nor does soaking them in orange juice or with a little sugar (and in some families also dipping them in milk). These are formulas that we know work, but this spring we suggest going one step further and seducing children by speaking to them in their own language. To play bravely with strawberries with children from the age of two, all you need are samples of the fruit pens and chocolate pastries sold in any supermarket.

The beetle is one of the few insects that does not cause distress to the scoundrel. Its cute red skin with black spots brightens up any party. It is no coincidence that these creatures are present in most early readers' stories. They will definitely have fun tuning strawberries to transform them into these insects. Simply split the strawberries crosswise and draw a dividing line, spots and stripe of the head with a dark chocolate pencil. White eyes can be added for more realism. This variation is very good on the palate because it combines the sweetness of the strawberries with the sweetness of the chocolate without overdoing it.

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Strawberries can also turn into harmful mice with four very simple changes. Keeping the strawberries whole or cutting them crosswise, paint the eyes and mouth at the narrowest part. To simulate ears, they can be coated in white chocolate or made with two pieces of chocolate glued to the fruit (eg based on Kinder chocolate eggs). To finish giving realism to the set, you can paint the tail with a small filigree on the plate. The result is the most enjoyable and you will also get a very pleasant aftertaste.

In keeping with the animal theme, spiders are also creatures that attract the attention of little ones. In this case, simply cut the strawberries crosswise and decorate with a dividing line. Use the top of another strawberry to make the head, and you can paint the popped eyes with white chocolate. The most important thing here is to draw the legs on the board to complete the formation of the figure. With this idea, strawberries are practically not covered in chocolate unless they are specifically soaked.

For the bastard who often eats bananas, strawberries can be used as an excuse between them by creating a worm that gnaws bits from one fruit and another, without having to add sugars. Of course, here the creativity will consist of drawing a good face on the worm with a pencil, distinguishing between the mouth and eyes, and sticking it all over with a toothpick. It is a very easy dish to prepare, and for its preparation you can rely on the help of the scoundrel.

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Little ones really love the monster theme, and strawberries are perfect fruits to transform into little monsters according to the consumer's taste due to their irregular hairs. You only need a small trace when drawing the face with the same technique as chocolate pencils. The most important thing in this case is not to remove the leaves from the strawberries, which perform the function of green hair. The result can be stuck using a toothpick onto another strawberry to display the face correctly. Again, the fusion of tastes in the mouth is the best.

Apart from pastry pens, strawberries and bananas can also be combined to make a banana car with strawberry wheels. This structure can be easily assembled by peeling the banana and cutting the whole fruit into slices. It should be attached to the banana by piercing it with toothpicks and can also be placed on top of the car as a decoration. This fruit, in its natural state and without additives, will always look better than just sitting on a plate.

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