Giovanni Alevi, Hospital and Faith in Medical Science: “We’re trying too hard! Wait for me!”

Giovanni Alevi, Hospital and Faith in Medical Science: “We’re trying too hard! Wait for me!”

The author, who suffers from multiple myeloma, shares his thoughts on the advancement of medicine on social networks starting with his reading as a young adult

last June Composer Giovanni Alevi He had announced on his social channels that he was ill A specific form of malignancy, multiple myeloma.

Since then, the musician started his battle that removed him from the stage, but not from his many and loyal fans, who continue to follow him on social media and worry about his health.

In all these months, Al-Levy did not leave his fans orphans, but continued to exchange messages of joy and hope even from a hospital bed. As he did a few days ago, when he shared the book that made him accompany him in these days of care and suffering.

It is about one of the books he loved so much during his university days (and in a way it is the guiding principle on his path to fighting disease): The Art of Healing in Human Cultures by the Italian philosopher Franco Voltaggio.

For centuries healing was a magical shamanic art, in which the alchemist’s talent met the complete confidence of the patient, who gave himself up to his visions – he writes You are born Commenting on the photo. – Meanwhile, science has made great strides, without forgetting that past.

Here at the institute you breathe talent, intuition, and strong will to heal and alleviate suffering, with a drug, but also with a smile. We are trying hard! wait for me!

We, too, cannot but wish Mr. Alevi to be able once and for all to defeat this evil that distances him from his audience and from his beloved music, and to trust, like himself, the advances made by medical science.

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