Cheney asks for an extension period, Juventus trembling. and Dybala other minor risks | first page

Cheney asks for an extension period, Juventus trembling.  and Dybala other minor risks |  first page

The news is that the 40-day extension of the FA prosecutor’s request is to complete the analysis of 14,000 pages of Prisma’s investigation. And bring Juventus into a new sporting operation Salary maneuvers, partnerships with “friendly” companies, and shady relationships with some agents: 3 charges that Giuseppe Chenier wants to include in one file. Time increases, but the essence does not change: Juventus risks another heavy penalty, and thus its continuation in Serie A, a very large fine, which would burden budgets already deprived of European cup receipts and possibly with less revenue from sponsorship. There will then also be a disqualification for players who have signed the special document that cannot be deposited with the federation and which, depending on the regulations, can result in a disqualification for at least a month.

This applies, among the remaining players in the squad, to Szczesny, Cuadrado, Bonucci, Rabiot and McKinney, The disqualifications will be intense, but it will be the most important and exciting thing of all The one to beat Paulo Dybala, once again at risk of being ignored by his old club. A year ago, set aside like a piece of iron, if not really old, certainly broken and very expensive, which could now witness a month of Rome stealing that document, it might have been signed – at the suggestion of his agent – precisely because it agreed upon At the club’s request, he would have favored the subsequent renewal of his contract.

Own goal without being equal to Dybala (Bernardischi and Arthur, sure, but Sarri too?) They’ll try to counter His goodwill, that is, he will say that he does not know What Juventus would have done with his deferred salary, but it wouldn’t be enough to dodge through the harshest penalties. Ronaldo didn’t sign, to quote, he better sign that document and not risk anything. In fact, he could now hope to take back the 19 million that had yet to be collected.

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No matter how fast the month goes by, there will be important matches and points. The real damage is A third party, Roma, who clearly bears no responsibility in the case, will suffer. We’ve seen the changes from Joya’s presence or not on the pitch. Absurdly, during the elimination there could be a match against Juventus, which would directly benefit from his mistake. Exciting, sarcastic and unfair too. We’ll see how it turns out, but for sure this time too you’d better start thinking about it, Otherwise, it hurts more.

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