April 2, 2023

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Official collections of Bonucci and Bastoni


Juventus Inter the words of Milik

Each of us should feel responsible, not just a player. We are delighted that Federico Chiesa and Angel Di Maria are doing so well, and they will certainly help us. Juventus aggressive like Paris Saint-Germain? we see“Announce it Melek In a dozen before Inter Juventus.


Juventus: A heroic mission, try to take over Napoli

Allegri and Inzaghi’s strategy to not miss the train outside the Derby Italia. (Read everything)


The official line-up for Inter

Inside (3-5-2): onana ; Skriniar, de Vrij, Accra; Dumfries, Barilla, Calhanoglu, Mkhitaryan, Demarco; Dzeko, Lautaro.


Juventus official squad

Juventus (3-5-1-1): schisney; Danilo, Bremer, Alex Sandro; Cuadrado, Locatelli, Fagioli, Rabiot, Costic; Merity. Melek.


Pogba-Lukaku, absentee derby

It was the strikes of the summer, the returning hero to revive the fortunes of Juventus and Inter. Instead, injuries stopped them. (Read everything)


Juventus, 50 different Allegri squads in 50 matches

Since returning to Turin, the same translators have not been appointed twice: a privilege for the Juventus coach but also a need dictated by the emergency. (Read everything)


Juventus-Inter, defused Lautaro Martinez

Allegri’s side will have to prevent the Argentine from touching too many balls in the end zone. (Read everything)


Juventus, Vlahovic Co: Global Alarm!

At this point the problem of the thigh can affect its position in diameter. (Read everything)


Juventus-Inter, expect the engineer

Both teams arrive late at the top of the table and must score points before the world stops. (Read everything)


Juventus Inter in duties. Juventus fans grumble: This is why

The Roma division referee is a special goal and that is a precedent that makes Juventus fans grumble. (Read everything)

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Juventus-Inter, Vieri on Moratti

The former striker of both teams said usually its boss When he was wearing the Nerazzurri. (Read everything)


Allegri, Juventus, Inter Milan and not wanting to tell jokes

The Bianconeri are looking for the fourth in a row Not leaving matches even in the league after being relegated to the European League. (Read everything)


Juventus-Inter, where it can be seen on TV and live

Spotlight on Allianz Stadium Italy derby Between the Bianconeri of Massimiliano Allegri and the Nerazzurri by Simon Inzaghi. (Read everything)


Allegri and 50 different matches for Juventus in 50 matches

Since returning to Turin Never publish the same translators twice: It is the prerogative of the Juventus coach but also a need dictated by the emergency. (Read everything)


From Bonucci to Conte: The 11 best ex-Juventus-Inter doubles

Here’s eleven players Who wore black, white and Nerazzurri shirts. (Here are the pictures)


Juventus-Inter: A former double squad you won’t remember

A combination of loud names and meteorites, lined up with a 3-4-1-2 forehand push by a coach who didn’t shine at either Juventus or the Nerazzurri. (Here are the pictures)


Juventus-Inter, Allegri needs more

When winning helps Self-esteem and bench constancy … (Read everything)


Juventus-Inter, Cherubini finds Marotta again

Between Foligno, Bremer, Salah and De Bruyne: a challenge between managers, a meeting between friends (Read everything)


Juventus-Inter Tactical Analysis

with Calhanoglu directing The Nerazzurri maneuver was not affected by Brozovic’s absence. Lautaro between the lines It also serves as the first item that Team Inzaghi can search for in the event of a counterattack (Here are the pictures)

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Juventus-Inter, possible line-up for Inzaghi

for the big match against Allegri, The Nerazzurri coach should choose 3-5-2. (Here are the pictures)


Juventus-Inter, Allegri teams: Vlahovic exit

The Juventus coach has released the list of players who will participate in the Italian derby: Outside the Serbian striker (Read everything)


Juventus-Inter, Allegri’s possible line-up

In light of the Italian derby match scheduled for tomorrow at Allianz Stadium, The Juventus coach must rely on 3-5-1-1. (Read everything)


Juventus Inter social, ironies and harassment

Allegri, Inzaghi, Dufrey and Farr… unleash the masses on the web. (Here are the pictures)


World champion in Bagnaya, all the joy of Juventus

The Italian rider, a great Juventus fan, won the 2022 MotoGP. From Locatelli and Chiesa to Bonucci and Vlahovicall in chorus: “Grande Pecco” (Watch the video)