Sinner: “My role model is Federer, I still have a lot to do” – Tennis

Sinner: “My role model is Federer, I still have a lot to do” – Tennis

“My role model is Federer, but I still have a lot to do.” The day after his first major tournament, Jannik Sinner is basking in the Melbourne sun, trying to realize “what I've done, only now I can do it”.

The “day after” for the youngest Australian Open winner since Djokovic's first title is a trophy ceremony at the Royal Botanic Garden in Melbourne.

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“Djokovic's 10 titles? I'm not thinking about that, it's from another series – he says – I think I still have a lot to do. Federer has always been my role model, not only for his class but for the way he presents himself. Himself: The important thing is to surround yourself with the best People face everything with a smile.”

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Pope: Congratulations to Italy for Sinner's victory

During his reception today in the Vatican of a delegation from Real Tennis Barcelona, ​​on the occasion of the 125th anniversary of the founding of the sports club, Pope Francis, “off the cuff” before continuing his thoughts, congratulated the Italians on the victory, yesterday, in the Australian Open, by Jannik Sinner. According to the Vatican News website.

Life lessons can also be drawn from tennis, the Pontiff said, stressing in his Spanish-language address that sport provides opportunities for “the growth of every person and society.” Francesco stressed that in tennis, which is an individual or doubles sport and not a team sport, “the challenge between players seems to be related above all to the desire to overcome the opponent,” but “in reality, since its English origin,” it is an expression of the founders’ openness to The good that can come from outside and from dialogue with other cultures.”

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“In tennis, as in life, we can't always win But it will be an enriching challenge if we learn, by playing politely and according to the rules, that it is not a fight but a dialogue that includes our efforts and allows us to improve, he stated. Sports are depicted a bit not only as combat but also as dialogue. There is a dialogue that, in the case of tennis, often becomes artistic.” For the Supreme Pontiff, it is an education that must be thought of more broadly, looking within oneself. “On the court, as in existence, we sometimes feel alone, at other times supported by those Who play this game of life with us – as he noted -. But, even when we play “individually,” we are always in the presence of the Lord who teaches us the meaning of respect, understanding, and the need for constant communication with others.

Finally, the Pope recommended that human and spiritual development be taken into account first and foremost when working with children in the field of sports, “who dream of a sporting future with excellence,” because “sport must help in this,” and stressed that “training needs and cannot be overcome.” on its integrated growth. Hence the call to nurture young people, those who “can harness the values ​​of sport in complex social environments” as well as those who can succeed in high-level competitions.

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Spalletti: I want to talk to him to absorb humility and strength

Luciano Spalletti plans to meet soon Jannik Sinner, the young tennis champion who has just won the Australian Open. “I would like to talk to Siner, he has such simplicity and humanity, a quiet boy who has made work and humility his greatest strengths – commented the technical commissioner of the national team today in Coverciano where he sat on the bench. “Gold is the most voted coach by his teammates – I want to talk to this boy, there will be things to absorb from him that we will all come out of stronger.”

The Australian Open finals peaked at 2.6 million viewers on Euronews

Eurosport achieved its best ever result with Jannik Sinner's victorious win at the 2024 Australian Open. The historic match was watched by 2 million spectators (1,914,000) with an 18% share (60% of the paying share) and a peak of over 2.6 million spectators (match at 1.31pm). In the broadcast slot, Eurosport is the second national channel in terms of total audience after Rai 1.

In particular, the fifth and decisive group totaled 2.4 million spectators with a share of more than 15%. Match summary on Novi at 6pm was followed by 576,000 viewers, 3.8% (peak of 961,000 viewers), making the channel fifth in the national level during the broadcast period.

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