Italian League: Atalanta – Sampdoria 2-0 – Football

Italian League: Atalanta – Sampdoria 2-0 – Football

Atalanta Sampdoria 2-0 Record Atalanta’s 2-0 victory (who flirts with the Champions League zone) over Sampdoria, which therefore suffers from the strength (and form) of Gasperini’s team, bears the signature of Mahli and Lookman. Overall, the attacking trident match of Puja, Hooglund, and Lookman was excellent.

Maehle hits the shot 4 ‘ from the first half, Lookman, in his 12th league goal, sets up the attack tally and Atalanta, albeit in a lower tone than the rest of the month (4 goals on average), gets rid of Sampdoria. Twice on Musso before he gave up his weapons. The Danish side gobbling in Hateboer’s counter-cross after Lookman’s post from the center of the area paved a long, uphill road, with Sampdoria closing in like a hedgehog. Indeed, at the start of the match, in order not to collapse, the hosts have to hold on to the gloves and foot of Musso, which is crucial in the left hand of the former Gabbiadini, who was warmed by the Winx, and in response to Augello. Who also surprised my color from the little box. Red alert one-two repeated on 20 minutes from Murru’s throw-in to Gabbiadini’s other ex-Lammers side and a stunning spin by Leris just high. The goddess travels, at a slow pace and with passages closed, in flashes. In a quarter of an hour Hatibor thunderbolt, who raises a bugle ball from the left in front of the far post.

Another two minutes and Winks blocks Lookman in the corner, backed up from the right out by Toloi. On 24 minutes, a local break with Hojlund returning to Lookman’s big plate from the edge. As Gasperini’s attack accelerated, he knew he could sting, seeing Hojlund’s counter-direction push Audero back at Lookman, who fumbled trying to volley the ball into the net (27′). The Dane is the only one of his team to try in half an hour, but without interrupting Boga’s inner touch: Doriano’s goalkeeper defense is no feat. Atalanta goal in the 42nd minute: Boga crossed the Walkman, who headed the post. On the rebound, Hatibor manages to serve Mahle who scores. The defect forces Stankovic to reveal himself, without going into the second half after Leris (5 ‘) tries at Lammers, which is well recovered by Djimsiti, while Scalvini misdirects Boga’s fifth shot from the flag. It doesn’t take much for the Anglo-Nigerian to light up and annihilate his team’s goals and personal score in the 12th minute by scoring with a nice diagonal shot. Then Hooglund, who was later replaced by Zapata, warped a pass from Boga that looked wasted, clashed with Audero more (22′), Gabbiadini triangle with Augello by throwing his left foot into Scalvini’s belly (34′) and Zapata’s triple (38’) missed returning to the left. In the final Scalvini (39) bends on his right knee (at risk for the fourth quarter of the Coppa Italia with Inter on Tuesday; Demiral enters), Malagrida heads in Zanoli’s cross (43) and Rais always in aerial play in the 93rd minute forced Musso to swing over the right-hand corner from Winx. In the 95th minute, Malagreda puts a disallowed shot by Quagliarella on the goal, who was offside: the goal is not allowed, and this is the last excitement of the match.

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