“The circle is closing” – Libero Quotidiano

“The circle is closing” – Libero Quotidiano

They will be gods Italian internationals In the light version. nothing kafirnothing Alcaraz no Beretini To ignite the masses of the country. All were destroyed by Injuries. The reasons are many and different for each athlete, however Rafa Nadal – Someone who unfortunately knows a lot about injuries – tried to provide an explanation. “The question is very simple. More games The greater the likelihood of being harmed. But the discussion is much broader than that. When you push your body to the limit, you eventually get injured. “If the match gets faster and faster, the risk of injury will increase.”

The Spanish champion is thinking with a double front. From a sporting standpoint: A large number of games Games played on hard surfaces are complications because they expose the body to great stress and When playing on clay It may happen that you have problems.” On the other hand, the economist: “This is the system and it is also based on Need to earn…Tennis players want it, tournaments want it. When I say this, I am not just referring to the strongest and most important players. It is a circle that is closing and we who are part of it accept it. “If it’s business or the sport itself, that’s another matter.”

Berrettini, like Sinner, is skipping international matches: the medications have weakened me, I'm not ready

Nadal, who will participate in the match, expressed his regret at the absence of Alcaraz and Siner, ranked first and second respectively in the world: “It is a match.” It’s really unfortunate that two tennis players are missing Who are among the strongest in the department. I imagine it was a bad shock for Italy when they learned what happened to Yannick. But I’m sure he will be back on the field soon and reach the top. “I hope to see him and Carlos again at Roland Garros.”

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As for his possible participation in… Roland GarrosThe tennis player remained optimistic: “Emotions are one thing, and the feelings that the court gives are another thing. Obviously, everything depends on Physical condition. “I will play with the desire to have fun and then we will see.”

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