Argentina, it’s the World Cup! Croatia Ko, Messi offer, Dybala debut

Argentina, it’s the World Cup!  Croatia Ko, Messi offer, Dybala debut

Argentina-Croatia 3-0 (Messi penalty 34 minutes, Alvarez 39 minutes 69 minutes)

90 + 5 ‘It’s over here, Argentina beat Croatia 3-0 and qualify for the final. The World Cup will be held on Sunday!

86′ McAllister, Molina Ott, Correa, and Voith N.

83′ Dybala enters the scene with a nice assist: Mac Allister, however, is unable to leave poker.

81′ Modric’s match ends: a standing ovation for a living legend.

74′ Paulo Dybala’s World Cup kicks off! La Joya entered the field and made her debut in Qatar.

69 ‘ Argentina goal! Julian Alvarez getting ready! Messi hobbled right foot and the Manchester City striker had no choice but to effortlessly push into the net.

62′ Croatia approached Al-Amal after a free kick in the area.

62′ Scaloni has changed: Paredes exit, Lisandro Martinez enter.

58′ Argentina came close to the hat-trick again with Messi at the end of a great play.

50′ Another substitution for Croatia, Brozovic’s match ends and Petkovic begins. Dalic plays it with the attacking midfielder.

46′ The first semi-final of the World Cup starts again, Ursic and Vlasic on the field.

45 ‘The first half ended four minutes after extra time, 2-0 for Argentina: Messi (penalty kick) and Alvarez decided the match so far.

43 Argentina immediately “dangered” by bringing down the trio: the usual Levakovic saved Croatia from McAllister’s header.

39 ‘ Argentina goal! Seleccion doubles, this time with Julian Alvarez, who at the end of Albiceleste’s restart and after a favorable rebound hits Livakovic with his right foot.

34 ‘ Argentina goal! Open Messi’s usual penalty kick.

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32′ Penalty in favor of Argentina! Álvarez landed in the area, and Levakovic was shown a yellow card.

31′ An extraordinary feat by Dalic’s national team, born of the genius of Modric and finished by Perisic: Loeb, however, did not succeed.

25′ The first ring for Argentina with a long-distance shot by Enzo Fernandez: Levakovic plays without many problems.

23 ‘No real big chance yet in the semi-finals.

16 ‘The first round of the match flag for Croatia: Modric hits in short. Regarding the developments of the event, Lovren expects everyone with a header, but he hits the ball badly and starts again from Emiliano Martinez’s goal kick.

11 & # 39; Dalic increases the number of rounds: Kovacic touches Kramaric on the midfield, Perisic widens on the left, but Romero reads well and puts the ball into a side foul.

5′ A small flame from Croatia ends with Perisic’s cross in the middle. Argentina goalkeeper Martinez responded by blocking the ball without difficulty.

2′ a drawn-out action from Seleccion which ends with a very indecisive cross from Molina.

1 ‘The great challenge between Argentina and Croatia has begun: whoever wins will face France and Morocco in the World Cup final.

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