Sinner, Kokkinakis has no escape in Indian Wells: beaten in two sets. Blue: “I still have to improve”

Sinner, Kokkinakis has no escape in Indian Wells: beaten in two sets.  Blue: “I still have to improve”

unfazed, Yannick Siner He begins his official journey in California as if it were his first day of school. As if just a few months ago, he had not won the first Slam of the year, the Australian Championship, and then also not won the Dutch Championship in Rotterdam.

Fight the sinner Kokkinakis in the right group

a Indian wells He literally crushed the Australian Thanasi Kokkinakis In the first round of Masters 1000 (6-3, 6-0 in one hour and twenty-one minutes). The point is how: Kyrgios' friend (Kokkinakis, in fact) was really on the ball, energetic and explosive: he tried to block Sinner, play more aggressively, and was obsessively looking for winning shots. He even managed to get a break point, but had no luck. His efforts lasted seven matches. At eight o'clock it melted. At the first opportunity, the phenomena reveal themselves for what they are: among them is Janek Siner.

Sinner, match like a champion

Result and consequences? After losing the first set, Kokkinakis collapsed miserably. mentally. He understood that he would no longer have a chance against Blue, and considered a return impossible. And Sinner certainly didn't let himself be impressed: the score was 6-0 almost like practice. “Yannik has a dimension above all others in how he deals with victories and defeats: he knows how to reset himself,” he said. Diego Nargiso. But for now, these are just wins.

Sinner: “Between the field and the gym I still have to improve”

Despite the success, Yannick's head is always there: work, work, only work. To improve and attack further Second place in the ATP rankings Which he currently occupies Carlos Alcaraz. “I think you can always set one goal after another. When you score more goals, you try to work harder to achieve the next ones. I feel – explained the Italian at the end of the match – that I still have to improve many things. Serving, then I have to try “Mixing the game up more. We worked before coming here in the gym because I need to grow. These wins push me to do better. Hopefully I can prove that again on the field.”

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