Sampdoria Milan Primavera 2-1: Pseftis owes Abate

Sampdoria Milan Primavera 2-1: Pseftis owes Abate

Sampdoria Milan Primavera 2-1: summary, slow motion, scoreboard, score and match date valid for the second day of the tournament

The Milan Primavera He suffered a second KO in two matches against Sampdoria. The Rossoneri were in control, but was condemned by a mistake in the final by Pseftis after his draw with Al-Hilali.

Sampdoria Milan Primavera 2-1: News and slow motion

1The match starts in Bogliasco.

4‘- Sampdoria’s chance with a header from Montevago, Pseftis reaction.

12– Down on Conte’s squad that went too far in Bacon, Alessi sweeps a stray ball into the area.

15th‘- Milan’s first episode with Gala who from inside the area puts a nice low-pitched cross that no attacker can get.

16– Eletu kicks high out of the box.

21Another attempt from outside the box, this time by Sampdoria with Bozzato. high ball.

28′ Gala! Class 2004: Goes on the trocar, jumps on two legs, and tries to tilt. Samp was saved by Tantalucci.

29– Alessi’s personal attempt, the shot does not worry the goalkeeper.

38 again gala! – He tries in every way, again with a shot from the outside, and still saves Tantalucci after turning around.

40“- The first chance for Hugo Cuenca, who hit first from Pozulan’s cross from the left. The ball is very high.

42 AC Milan chance! – A large festive ball held by Alessi in front of the goal, saves the Sampdoria goalkeeper again.

The end of the first half We go into the second half at 0-0.

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46– The second half begins.

52– Another personal act from the Gala is causing panic by slipping into the area. At the moment the shot is uncoordinated, the ball is out.

54‘- Al-Hilali from inside the area Cuenca served well .. a safe shot is rejected.

56′ Sampdoria goal! – Ntanda heads from the cross of Savio and puts Pseftis. What a joke for the Rossoneri.

59– It’s a target practice for the party who is still trying it out from the outside. Paoletti’s head prevents the ball from entering the net.

63′ Cuenca! – Paraguay flashes a low shot into the corner, Tantalucci stretches.

64′ Alessi Paul! – A trap door for the Rossoneri. The bullet from outside the seven hit the wood.

78Great save by Pseftis from Paoletti’s free kick.

80′ Crescent! A shot from outside the 10th crossbar touches the crossbar.

87 ′ penalty for Milan! – A foul in the Kobes area from a corner kick.

88′ Gooool Milan! Al-Hilali moves and draws well.

89′ Sampdoria goal – Pseftis does not find the ball at the exit, Ntanda heads the sack.

ends here Defeat Milan Primavera in Bogliasco.

Best of the match Milan: Party report cards

Sampdoria Milan Primavera 2-1: results and match report

Signs: 56, Ntanda, 88, Al Hilali, 89, Ntanda

Sampdoria (3-5-2): tantaluchi; Paoletti, Pellizzaro, Villa (75′ Baroque); Savio, Pozzato, Cecchini Muller, Conti (46′ Caruana), Bianchi; Ivanovic (46 Ntanda) Montevago. Available.: Zorzi, Scardino, Moratori, Poli, Spatari, Cesari, Leonardi, Lica. Attached.: Tofano

Milan (4-2-3-1): Pseftis. Bacon, Balushi (65° Incorvia; 82° Partissaggio), Copps, Pozulan; Elito, Zeroli (82′ Blowview); Gala (78′ L. Rossi), Cuenca (65′ Omoregbe), Alessi; Crescent moon. Available: Nava, Marchage, Nciala, Foglio, Björklund, J. Rossi. Attached.: Abbot.

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Rule: Joel Iacobilis
helpers: De Vito – Pasqualetto

Warnings: 13, Villa, 76, Incorvia, 78, Seaview

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