If you find them at home, you are rich

If you find them at home, you are rich

The passion for old phones does not subside: some older models can be really valuable, so it's best to check them out.

These old smartphones could be worth a fortune (Pianetacellore.it)

Technology has really made great strides in recent years. Obviously, this progress also included the smartphone sector. The latest models from major manufacturers, in addition to providing high-level technical data sheets, are truly feature-packed. Moreover, leading products increasingly feature highly attractive aesthetics that encourage users to purchase more.

Antique phones: They can be worth a fortune

However, despite the advancement in technology that has created truly exceptional products, there are still many who do Remember old phones with nostalgia A decade or more ago.

Even historic Nokia phones can be worth a lot of money (Pianetacellore.it)

The detail that many do not know is that some of these products have accompanied an entire generation today It can truly be worth a fortune. For this reason, if we find an old phone at home, we should never throw it away: its value can reach hundreds, if not even thousands of euros.

But which vintage phones are worth more today? In the first place we find Motorola DynaTac 8000X, was launched in 1983. Its length of 33 cm did not allow this product to fit in your pocket. If kept in good condition, this item could be worth up to 8,000 euros.

What about Nokia phones? Yes, even historical products of the Finnish giant can be worth a significant amount of money. The most valuable model is Nokia 8110was released commercially in 1996 but became very popular three years later thanks to the famous film The Matrix.

Nokia 8110 still in original packaging Its value can reach 3,000 euros. However, if the phone is used, its value drops significantly: we are around 100 euros.

Many Nokia phones are among the phones that are worth the most: never throw them away

Don't expect exciting prices for Nokia 3310It is another device that made the history of mobile phones. This product was created in 2000, and today it is still remembered with great affection by everyone who received it (and also because it was possible to play Snake with this phone, ed.). But its current value does not exceed 20 euros.

It does a little better with a couple of other Nokia products, viz E90 communication device – It usually sells for around 350 euros – and 9000 communication, which is remembered by many for its laptop-like features. If kept in good condition, the 9000 Communicator can sell for €340.

the Nokia 8800which was put on the market in 2005, has a decidedly higher value: in excellent condition It can even reach 1,300 euros. And it has a higher value iPhone 2Gwhich is very sought after by collectors: the product in the original packaging can also be sold for 2,000 euros.

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