Friulian show at Mazari’s house

Cioffi dominates and passes to Unipol Domus thanks to goals by Deulofeu (dual), Macengo and Molina: Sardinia remain penultimate

Udinese Launched on the 18th day of the First Division: the Bianconeri dominate Unipol Domus and dominate Cagliari By Mazzarri, more and more penultimate in the ranking. Friulani advances after 4′ with Makingo, and then Deulofeu Doubles a free kick in the 45th minute. In recovery, Molina The trio is signed at 50 minutes, and Sardinia remains in the ten for the red A Marine And the poker guests fall with another great goal from Deulofeu, who scored two goals.

the match
Post-match havoc by Maresca, Unipol Domus whistles against Cagliari Deeper and deeper in the Serie A standings: This is the strongest picture of the evening’s progression for the 18th day, which sees Udinese dominate and win a well deserved 4-0 on home soil. Mazari. The 0-0 only takes 3 minutes, then Sardinia makes a mistake in the exit with Godin and Yodoji sending Makingo, who controls and hits a tip Kragno Signing advantage for Juventus. The hosts try to respond right away, but Silvestri is brilliant at rejecting Pavoletti’s oath at close range. Just before the interval, Friulion found the double: Dalbert Makengo chases and lands him, fixes the yellow card and causes a fine change of penalty Deulofeu, Which signed 2-0 in the 45th minute and left Kragno motionless.

Mazari tries to annoy the team in the second half by entering Keita, Caceres and Lycogiannis instead of Nandez, Carbone and Dalbert. However, at 50 minutes, the guests find the trio really impressive Molina, which from the edge of the area start shaver hitting Kragno: 3-0 and the game is over. It gets worse at the 66th minute when MarineAlready warned, he steps in on Makengo and tackles the second yellow, leaving the rossobl at ten. Udinese immediately took advantage and found it 4-0 after three minutes: still scoring Deulofeu, That with a great right turn that ends at the intersection of the poles, indicates poker. The Bianconeri does not stop and touches his hand with Soppy, who has replaced Molina. It ends 4-0 and without a rebound for a miserable Mazari, helpless in the face of the collapse of Cagliari and the delirium of Udinese, which rises to 20 points and extends directly over the islands of Sardinia and Genoa, at a height of 10 in the drop zone.

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report cards
Godin 5 – He does not show all his experience, on the contrary: he misses out on the 0-1 mark.

Marine 4,5 – He ended a bad evening in the middle with two yellow cards that will also make him miss Juventus.

Pavolite 6 – One of the few who fought and touched the goal: But Silvestri is careful.

Makengo 7.5.0 Update – Divides the match with the net in the 4th minute, then dominates the midfield: he also incurs a penalty for double and red for Marin.

Molina 7 – Virtually closes games with a strong right to a corner equal to three of a kind.

Deulofeu 8 Amazing double: a perfect and direct free kick at the fork in Cagliari. can not be contained.

Cagliari – Udinese 0-4
Cagliari (3-5-2):
Cragno 6 Ceppitelli 5.5 (25′ st Zappa 6), Godin 5, Carboni 5 (1′ st Caceres 5.5); Bellanova 5.5, Nandez 5 (1 Sant Keita 5.5), Marin 4.5, Grassi 5.5, Dalbert 5 (1 Lycogiannis 5.5); Pavoletti 6 (25 Diola Street 6), Joao Pedro 6. Available: Arste, Radunovic, Altari, Pereiro, Oliva, Faragi, Ubert. Coach: Mazzari 4.5
Udinese (3-5-2); Silvestri 6.5; Becao 6.5, Nuytinck 6.5, Samir 6; Molina 7 (36′ st Soppy 6), Arslan 6,5 (30′ st Jajalo 6), Walace 6, Makengo 7,5, Udogie 6,5 (36′ st Zeegelaar 6); Beto 6 (42′ st Samardzic sv), Deulofeu 8 (30′ st Pussetto 6). Available: Padelli, Carnelos, Perez, Nestorovsky, Forestieri, de Mayo. Coach: Cioffi 7
Rule: Mariska
Signs: 4′ Makengo, 45′ e 24′ st Deulofeu, 5′ st Molina
ammonites: Marine (C), Dalbert (C), Deulofeu (U), Bellanova (C), Becao (U)
Fired: At 66′ Marin (C) total yellow cards

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Udinese has achieved far success in Serie A with at least four goals by a goal margin for the first time since March 2011, and also in this case at Cagliari.

Gerard Deulofeu scored his first Serie A double (six goals in this league): in the five major European leagues, he was even better in 2018/19 with a Watford shirt in the Premier League. (10 goals)

Gerard Deulofeu scored 33 goals in the five major European leagues, and his first goal on the evening of the first day was a direct free kick.

Jean-Victor Makingo’s goal was Cagliari’s fastest Serie A goal since July 2020, which Okaka scored in a Udinese shirt.

Jean-Victor Macengo is the first French player to score for Udinese in Serie A since Sebastian Di Maio in May 2019, also in this case against Cagliari.

Nahuel Molina scored the third league goal. He surpassed his personal best last season (two). Among the defenders, only Domenico Criscito (five) and Juan Cuadrado (four) have scored more goals than in the current First Division.

Destiny Odoji is the third Italian player born after 1/1/2002 to provide a assist in Serie A, after Riccardo Calaviori and Brian Audi.

Cagliari conceded 38 goals after their first 18 league games: at this point in the season in Serie A, they performed even worse in the 2016-2017 season (42 goals conceded).

Cagliari is the team that has received the most direct free-kick goals in the five major European Championships 2021/22 (four).

Nahuel Molina and Tolgai Arslan played their 50th match for Udinese in all competitions.

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