Sinner-Djokovic live stream ATP Finals match in Torino Live 7-5 | 6-7 | 2-1

Sinner-Djokovic live stream ATP Finals match in Torino Live 7-5 |  6-7 |  2-1

11.27pm – Sinner-Djokovic 7-5 | 6-7| 2-1

Two errors from the Serbian gave Jannik a 30-0 lead. Then comes a smash from Sinner and another error from Nole 2-1

11.24pm – Sinner-Djokovic 7-5 | 6-7| 1-1

Noll starts with a 40-0 triple ace. Then a great serve and the score is 1-1

11.18pm – Sinner-Djokovic 7-5 | 6-7| 1-0

Nole starts with a lethal forehand 0-15. The Serbian makes a mistake but Jannik double-faults 15-30. The new Serbian measurement error is 30-30. It was followed by an ace from Yannick, who won the first game of the third set 1-0

11.05pm – Sinner-Djokovic 7-5 | 6-7

Sinner takes the first point with a great comeback. Then also the second with a wonderful second goal 2-0. But a forehand error took the mini-break away from Blue 2-1. Great service from Nole 2-2. But he missed his shot: 3-2. But Nole comes up with a great forehand 3-3. Yannick misses his backhand 3-4. But then the blue pulled off an impressive 4-4 response. Serbian serve, followed by forehand winner, unforgiving 4-5. Along Sinner’s forehand 4-6. Beautiful defense from Blue and the Serbian loses 5-6. However, Sinner’s backhand ended on the tape, and Nole won the set 7-6 (7-5).

10.58pm – Sinner-Djokovic 7-5| 6-6

Yannick starts with a great serve followed by an error and a double fault 15-30. But Nole missed his forehand and the score was 30-30. Then almost an ace of blue followed by a great point of loom 40-40. Another exceptional service from Blue who closed the score 6-6 due to a Nole error, going to a tie-break

10.53pm – Sinner-Djokovic 7-5 | 5-6

A few errors from Jannik and Nole immediately made it 30-0. Then the Serbian’s ace and Jannik’s error gave the match to the Serbian 5-6

10.49pm – Sinner-Djokovic 7-5 | 5-5

A false return, an ace and a great serve make the Blues lead 40-0. Yannick ends the draw with another great serve at 5-5

10.47pm – Sinner-Djokovic 7-5 | 4-5

Nole goes beyond the crowd’s support for Sinner and takes a 40-0 lead with his serve. Then a backhand kick on the counterattack made him win the match with a score of 0, 4-5

10.43pm – Sinner-Djokovic 7-5 | 4-4

10.39pm – Sinner-Djokovic 7-5 | 3-4

Nole misses a forehand, but then holds serve and scores two points in a row. Big forehand from Nole and it’s 40-15. The Serbian concludes with a 3-4 smash. But then he seeks help from a physiotherapist

10.33pm – Sinner-Djokovic 7-5 | 3-3

We start with one error 15-15. Then a wonderful short ball from Yannick and Ace 40-15. But Nole hits hard with his forehand 40-30. And with a standard response of up to 40-40. But the winning return attempt ended wide and Yannick’s serve closed the match 3-3

10.30pm – Sinner-Djokovic 7-5 | 2-3

Nole starts off serving well and leads 30-0. Then pass the bouncing ball to Blue. Another ace for the Serb 40-15. However, Noll missed a 40-30 shot. Not bad, with another ace it’s 2-3 for him

10.22pm – Sinner-Djokovic 7-5 | 2-2

Nole smells blood, starts with a great counter for 15 and closes with a powerful strike. He starts dribbling from behind again and Yannick misses this time with a score of 0-30. Sinner takes the line with a great forehand and Nole misses a forehand 30-30. Then the ace and foul from the blue we go to the advantage. Another ace and a powerful shot from the blue gives the point to Jannik 2-2

10.19pm – Sinner-Djokovic 7-5 | 1-2

Sinner starts with a backhand kick to the champion. Followed by a few errors though. An ace from the Serbian and a point won by the world number one 1-2

10.15pm – Sinner-Djokovic 7-5 | 1-1

Sinner is forced to rely on serving against Nole, who plays entirely at the net. However, Sinner was fouled and the score was 30-30. Great second by Yannick and it’s 40-30. The blue player then closes the ball with a direct shot for a score of 1-1

10.11pm – Sinner-Djokovic 7-5 | 0-1

Sinner continues the 9-point streak to zero at the start of the second set which becomes 10. Nole then scores 15 points and breaks the spell. The Serbian relies on the shot and leads 40-15. An error by Sinner gives Nole the first point of the second set 0-1

10.09pm – Sinner-Djokovic 7-5

10.04pm – Sinner-Djokovic 7-5

Nole starts poorly and gives the first 15 to Sinner by sending a backhand into the net. Then he missed a lob, scored again and received 3 points marked in blue. Who scores first thanks to another error from the Serbian 7-5

9.57pm – Sinner-Djokovic 6-5

Nole capitalizes on Sinner’s error first, then with his serve and forehand, to immediately take a 30-0 lead. Then 40-0 with a great serve. Two great passes from Sinner brought the score to 40-30. Slap a plane Yannick and 40-40. Double fault from the Serbian. Great backhand and a break of 6-5

9.52pm – Sinner-Djokovic 5-5

To avoid losing the group, Sinner relies on the service. Who supports him at every moment, so Yannick makes some mistakes and leads 15-30. But Nole committed two errors that were not his, and the Blue went back 40-30. To win the point with a 5-5 service winner

9.49pm – Sinner-Djokovic 4-5

But Noll is tireless in his service. The score immediately became 30-0, and Jannik then missed a long shot. And Nole made another great serve to finish the match 4-5

9.45pm – Sinner-Djokovic 4-4

Yannick starts with a double serve and a forehand 30-0. A mistake from Blue, then an Ace and a mistake from Nole, and the score is 4-4

9.37pm – Sinner-Djokovic 3-4

Game 7 starts off on a more even note. A few errors from Novak brought Jannik 15-30. Then it earns a break point at 30-40. Nol relies on the service and cancels it. Then with a great recovery and a great shot he took the lead again. With a great second, the score becomes 3-4

9.27pm – Sinner-Djokovic 3-3

Huge mistake from Yannick who immediately goes from 0 to 15. Who wins straight away after the first long 15-15 exchange. Then the Serbian was punished again with a long forehand that Nole blocked into the net. Then a great response from the Serbian. But Yannick attacks the serve and returns to 40-30, which nevertheless becomes 40-40 due to a mistake from Blue. For the first time we go to the advantages. Yannick saved himself a break point with an ace. Then again a great serve and a short ball to close the match 3-3

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9.24pm – Sinner-Djokovic 2-3

Novak attempted the first short ball of the match but missed 0-15. The match is more about service than ever before. When one of them places first, the point almost always wins. Three excellent first balls from Nole (including 2 aces) put him back in front 3-2.

9.20pm – Sinner-Djokovic 2-2

Yannick starts with three aces. Then Noll won two great matches. But he made a mistake and conceded the score 2-2

9.17pm – Sinner-Djokovic 1-2

Three more good starts for the Serbian who finished the first 15 games with a brilliant shot. Then he ends the match with an ace to a zero

9.14pm – Sinner-Djokovic 1-1

Sinner immediately goes to 30-0 thanks to a foul by Nole. Then the wonderful serve was returned to the net by the Serb and the Ace. We are 1-1

9.11pm – Sinner-Djokovic 0-1

Noll started well, going 40-0 with three good goals. Then a mistake from Sinner gives him the point

9.10pm – Match starts

Djokovic starts serving

9.02pm – Sinner and Djokovic are on court

The two made their entrance. Great emotions, some whistles but also applause for the Serbian hero. Real applause for Yannick

8.55pm – The two are about to take the field

In Turin everything is ready. Both players will take to the field soon

8.26pm – Yannick must win in two sets to qualify

7.55pm – Djokovic is the bookies’ favourite

Jannik Sinner is in good form and believes he has what it takes to beat Novak Djokovic at the ATP Finals in Turin. But bettors do not agree with this and see once again that the Serbian is the favorite, having won all three previous meetings between the two. The first time was in Monte Carlo and the Serbian won easily, and the other two were at Wimbledon and the result did not change. So far the Serbian has always been superior to the South Tyrol player in terms of experience and game play. But Sinner has grown tremendously in 2023 by learning from his mistakes and improving in all the fundamentals. That is why the outcome this time is more uncertain than ever.

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