Buffon: Juve lost the DNA of his team with Ronaldo. future? Mexico or the United States | market

43 years old and the desire to continue playing. He was relegated to the second division with Parma, Gigi Buffon assessed his future by revealing the following potential goals: “I would like to go and play in Mexico or the United States.” – The goalkeeper said to TUDN – These are experiments that I would like to do, but let’s see what happens. the future? I don’t know if I will become a coach, what I always want is to improve.”

Champions – “The fact that I didn’t win the award still keeps my competitive spirit alive. If I had won it, I probably would have no longer had any significant goal to win and I would have retired.” The best goalkeepers today? Oblak, Courtois, Donnarumma, Neuer, Ter Stegen, Navas. I put them all on the same step, with Jijiu who can outrun the others in a year; He has the power to beat it.”

Ronaldo – “Juventus could have won the Champions League in Cristiano’s first year, only the year I was in Paris and I couldn’t explain what happened to him. Then I came back and we lived two seasons together, worked well but I think Juventus have lost their team DNA.. In 2017 we reached the final because we had a team with a lot of experience, but above all there was competition in the group and we were very strong and united.”

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