June 5, 2023

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Serie A, new arrangement with penalty kick Juventus: Milan in the Champions League

After the sentence decided by the Federal Court of Appeal, Juventus is on the threshold of qualifying for the Europa League.

Lazio second and already sure of qualifying for the Champions League and Milan in fourth place: this is how the Serie A ranking changed after the decision of the Federal Court of Appeal to penalize the Bianconeri with 10 penalty points for the third sentence on capital gains strand of sports investigation in the black and white club. Juventus drops to 59 points, remaining after the defeat against Empoli. The equivalent of (59) Roma before the end of the match with Salernitana: The Giallorossi draw puts Mourinho’s team one point ahead of sixth place, which deserves European qualification.

How does it change

Deducting penalty points from Juventus, all teams that finished third through seventh advance by one place.

old order: Napoli 86 points; Juventus 69, Lazio 68; Inter 66; Milan 64; Atlanta 61; Rome 60; Monza 52 (…]

New arrangement: Napoli 86 points; Lazio 68; Inter 66; Milan 64; Atlanta 61; Rome 60; Juventus 59 Monza 52 (…]

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