Is this possible without fossils? Science answers to questions about the energy transition at Lavenu Mombello

Is this possible without fossils?  Science answers to questions about the energy transition at Lavenu Mombello

(Written by Alessandro Perego, Communications Laboratory of the Luino Climate Table)

Mitigation and adaptation. here they are Slogans of human societies’ resistance to climate change. Scientists repeat it tirelessly, despite the insensitivity of the many and the lethargy of the few who are ruled by these many, and the fate of everyone is in their hands.

The flood that struck Tuscany And what has caused it so far 7 dead We now know that extensive damage has been caused to homes, hospitals and shops A sign of policy failure Mitigation and adaptation to climate change. Globally, temperatures have already risen by 1.1°C since the pre-industrial period, and increased energy in the climate system will make these events increasingly frequent, unpredictable and violent: mitigating global warming has, so far, been shown to Insufficient. On the other hand, excessive construction and local construction policies in general, which do not take into account the hydrographic characteristics of the territory and the greater risks from global warming, significantly increase the possibility that extreme meteorological events will have a devastating impact on humans and their activities: they should also Completely reshaping climate change adaptation in Italy.

Incidentally, we cannot ignore the fact that, in this scenario, the nomination of the Lombardy region represents a punch in the stomach for us at the Luino climate table. (It happened in August) from Lucia Lo Ballo as head of the ARPA, under which “climate change is not caused by humans.” At the first meeting held by Rete per il Clima del Verbano, Fulvio Faggiani explained the different forms of modern denial (you can find the video of the evening By clicking here), explaining that the early denial in the world, according to which climate change does not exist or is not caused by humans, has begun to disappear in parallel with the increasing accumulation of scientific data, which today has become difficult due to its quality and quantity. a question. And we have to say, with a bitter joke, that the words of Lo Ballo and many of his colleagues prove that Fulvio Faggiani was too optimistic: the flame of extreme denial is kept burning by (some) Italian politicians!

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If it is true that the urgent matter in some regions is adaptation, especially regional security, then there is no alternative at the global level to decarbonise production activities. And It is necessary to move forward on the path to the energy transition, which is the only viable path to mitigate the effects of climate change as much as possible. However, the energy transition raises concerns and questions among citizens, many of which are understandable, legitimate, and worth addressing. Can renewable energy alone meet our country’s energy needs? And at the global level? If the sun and wind are intermittent sources of energy, how can you meet energy needs during the hours when these sources are not available? Will renewables condemn us to complete dependence on China?

To answer this and other questions about the energy transition and decarbonisation Organized by the Verbano Climate Network, sponsored by the Municipality of Laveno Mombello, A Event titled “We could do without fossils, but… what would it take to create a completely carbon-neutral energy system and what new challenges does it suggest”. The meeting will be held Friday, November 17 in Laveno at 9pm in the Council Chamber It will be held by Professor Gianluca Ruggieri, professor and researcher at the University of Insubria. As usual, Ruggeri’s speech will be followed by a discussion with the audience. You can also follow the meeting via live broadcast on the Youtube channel “Rete per il Clima del Verbano”. This event, completely free, is the second of a series of six meetings organized by the Verbano Climate Network in 2023-2024: please refer to the link ( to discover dates and topics of upcoming events.

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