Simone de Pasquale, Arisa’s triumph in dance? Stomach pain and tingling

Dancing with the Stars

The former “Dancing with the Stars” dancer now had to say about the singer’s victory: here are her stinging words

The sixteenth edition of “Dancing with the Stars” Just finished with a victory Arissa Paired with Vito Coppola. This victory was poorly understood by many viewers and others. The historical dancer of Mille Carlucci Simone de Pasquale, who took second place paired with Bianca GascoigneHe criticized, less sharply, the end result of the dance competition. This is what he said about him Arissa, in the program and about his future work for his followers on Instagram.

Dance, Simone de Pasquale on the Triumph of Arissa

Two days before the final “dance” De Pasqual indulged in a question-and-answer session with his fans. There has clearly been no shortage of requests from those to judge the 39-year-old singer’s win. In the face of the provocative question “How did Arisa win?” The dancer did not utter a word, imitating the typical gesture of a person who does not understand and does not know the reason for something.

Simone di Pasquale on Arisa

Another follower Then he asked if Simon and Bianca expected to win. The 43-year-old replied:

“First of all we expected to come back from the replay because it looked really silly. Then we obviously go ahead and hope for a victory but we won, so….”

De Pasqual practically declared himself the winner of the program, It’s obvious to think that the couple formed by him and Gascoigne had something more than that formed by Arisa and Coppola. In any case, the 43-year-old, raised by other questions, clarified that he was not “chomping”, and that “Those who are not objective in their own limits win”. Then continue:

“We’re sorry, that’s yes, as unfortunately it’s Samuel and Sabrina, another couple who would have deserved to win. After all, it’s an exciting game but it’s a game.”

With these words, the dancer practically took off Dig on the winning couple, excluding them from those who, in his opinion, deserved it.

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Dance, Simone de Pasquale on his experience and his future

The dancer who is officially End his experience a “Dancing with the Stars”And He also upset the jury by saying:

“He has different points of view, my role was to accompany Bianca and you had eyes to judge and heart to vote.”

Regarding her future, De Pasqual mentioned the role he would play in another show that sees Mille Carlucci at the helm, “The Masked Singer”And He shows a selfie of her in front of the program’s logo and states that it will appear again on the small screen soon, not even excluding participation in the upcoming versions of the program. “dance”, this time not as a teacher. We just have to see what the future holds for one of the historical figures on the show. Together with Hoara Borselli, he won the first version of the program, which dates back to 2005.

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