Simone Baldelli’s new life, from Parliament to Music: “I’m ready for Sanremo”

Simone Baldelli’s new life, from Parliament to Music: “I’m ready for Sanremo”

Silvio Berlusconi wanted him and launched him into the political arena many years ago, but Chico Zalon, when he saw her at work at a dinner in Rome, was prophetic: “Simone, you are lost for this world”, and the comedian I’m falling from the clouds and Tolo Tolo, in those The moment, it was very dangerous. Who knows what the Apulian director will say now as he listens to the latest album of Simone Baldelli, former deputy of Forza Italia, but also cartoonist, writer, imitator, illustrator and we can say in general an artist, without losing sight of his activity as assistant professor and head of the Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry into the Protection of Consumers and Users. Now, above all, a singer. In fact, his latest single “Roma Rio” was released and it makes you want to travel and go on vacation. In the video, the former Vice-President of the Chamber sings and frolics on the beach, in shorts and a white shirt, and it does not matter if the sea behind him is Ostia and not Copacabana: he also says that in After all the important thing is the flight of imagination and the piece is a candidate to become a summer motto, it is already spinning in Talks of politicians.

Rome-Rio and Brazil
«And now you know that I can’t find my passport, I haven’t left forever, but I already see myself there, you already know the truth … So I take a flight between Rome and Rio, Rome and Rio», to conclude afterwards with «Romário is me». A strange temptation, which came a little by chance and a little for fun, with the former Brazilian striker who presented himself in the elections after his brilliance on the field and became a parliamentarian in his country.

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Baldelli does not think of taking the opposite path of the Barcelona striker and embarking on a sporting career which, at the age of 50, despite his still handsome physique, will be too late. He is also not ignorant that the world of entertainment is closed, which is why he now has to content himself with listening on platforms like Spotify, but his passion for Italian and Latin music has always been in his DNA (Luis Miguel is one of his references, but also Califano, Ligabue and Laura Pausini), and songs composed So far, plus the unreleased songs, it’ll be good for a full album, which is, in fact, ready. any addresses? “You Know Why”, written with Filadelfo Castro and Stefano Paviani, “Dov’è” and “Sereno”. In 2021, he also created a guitar and vocal version of “Besame mucho”. Where does Baldelli want to go at the Sanremo Festival? Libero replied this time without imitating the voice of Sandro Bondi or Giulio Tremonti, two of his strengths in Polo delle Libertà’s golden age: “They call me, I’m ready, I have the right song”.

The genius of regulations
The man is like that. Versatile, hilarious, and eclectic like few politicians and capable of reinventing himself if he happens to stay off the lists in the last election. Colleagues described him as a stern in the hall when it was necessary to decipher the most difficult regulations in the room and ensure a quorum to prevent Berlusconi’s government from collapsing, as a brilliant showman worthy of TV outside Montecitorio, where Baldelli was simply Simon and the party was assured. Also for noble purposes, because in the past he performed charitable works to help people in difficulty, and now he plans to do the same for the flooded population of Emilia-Romagna. Cav writes in the introduction to Baldelli’s book (who was responsible for Fi’s youth) that because of his talents his then-protein could choose between a political career and one in entertainment. Next year, in addition to Sanremo, there will also be European Championships, and Baldelli’s question automatically arises: given the choice, what would he prefer? At the moment he is going through and thinking about a future duet with his daughter Luna, who is 8 years old, but she has already inherited the love of singing from her father. “I dreamed about her years ago and even created a band for her: Fathers of Female Daughters.” If the roses will bloom.

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