What’s new, Ilaria D’Amico? Episode 1 ends badly – Libero Quotidiano

What’s new, Ilaria D’Amico?  Episode 1 ends badly – Libero Quotidiano

good or not? No, not really. Last night, Thursday, October 27, was the evening of the first appearance of Ellaria D’Amico On Rai 2 in the new format dedicated to politics and current affairs, what’s newHeld on an evening of intense competition: face and back From Paulo Del Dibio On the grid 4 e Cleaning Campaign From Corrado Formigli on La7. result? For the second goal of Viale Mazzini a dramatic failure.

A word for the numbers: the share settled at a meager 2.2%, especially if we consider that it was the first episode, equivalent to 349 thousand viewers. what’s new It has been surpassed by face and back: In Rete 4, Del Debbio achieved 7.2% of views, which equates to 1,031,000 viewers. The confrontation with Formigli was also relentless: in La7, Cleaning Campaign It achieved 5.9% in terms of audience, equivalent to 838 thousand viewers. But that’s not all: Rai 2 and D’Amico are outdone too nineWhere it was broadcast Just Fun – Comedy Showwhich brings in 2.8% and 506,000 stellar viewers, which are pretty respectable numbers for Nove.

In short, what it looks like The Curse of Rai 2At the moment, it doesn’t seem to stop. Indeed, in recent years, various forms and conversations have not brought the desired results: think about KronosAnd the sovereign peopleAnd the second line And the twenties of the last century, all formats that, despite the quality, were struggling to get to 2 percent. We’ll see if what’s new You will be able to get back on track. The goal is ambitious: in fact, according to the opinion, he wants to propose a confrontation without confrontation, without interfering with voices and sparks. Even if the sparks, often and willingly, translate into points of engagement…

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