IKEA, Opportunities not to be missed: Products under 4 euros

IKEA, Opportunities not to be missed: Products under 4 euros

IKEA and its unusual, ergonomic and functional proposals. Let’s see together what opportunities are available now.

Fantastic and practical proposals, and above all cheap. This has always been the mood for Ikea. There are some offers that are cheaper than others.

Ikea is a Swedish company that in recent years has managed to become so popular that now it seems impossible to think of a city without its own store.

It is known for its functional furniture and distinctive design particularly competitive prices. It is very common to find whole families inside their shops buying the most diverse types of furnishings: lamps, rugs, containers of all kinds, candles and plants. Not to mention the food corner where you find Swedish sweets of all kinds.

It is impossible to do without Ikea, even if the names of its products are in Swedish, unpronounceable, unbearable and so often paralyzing us Italians. Let’s see together what you can’t give up and at a very low price: less than 4 €.

Shopping at IKEA, the cheapest deals and items not to be missed

Some things are essential, things you just can’t do without at home. For example Barcla container, priced at 1.95 euros, It is very useful to be able to take the change of season and then be able to store it in a wardrobe or under a bed. This container is also available in a shoe bag version, It is still called Barcla and costs 1 euro.

Ikea Parlka Bin (screenshot of Ikea images) – VelvetStyle.it

Very useful and always necessary in the kitchen i containers for storing food. We can never get enough, because every time we loan them, they never come back. So it is necessary to refuel and Ikea on this Come to meet us with the Protas, Classic round bottles with blue caps at € 0.50 for three pieces of 70 ml. Yellow in different sizes is also available at € 1.50.

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Also available in single numbers at a really reasonable price, 2.50 euros, Very small bathroom set, storofan. Simple and elegant, it can be placed in any bathroom, regardless of style. White with black soap dispenser.

Colorful, convenient, cute and practical. A set of plastic cutlery is available, suitable for picnics and for small children to have lunch. 18 pieces at € 2.50 Service name Kalas.

The cookie container is one of the coolest IKEA classics. It can be found in almost every home. that it Practical glass bowl With a plastic cover. It develops with the side hole, in order to make it easier to take the cake by hand. It’s called Forvar, its price 2.95 euros.

Forvar Ikea cookie stand (screen image from Ikea website) – VelvetStyle.it

Novelty from IKEA It’s a Spartan bottle. With a matching plastic lid but a glass container body. It is somewhat reminiscent of the milk bottles of once used, has a vaguely vintage taste and will certainly be very popular too given the awareness period towards recycling.

Lamps of all kinds can be bought at Ikea. The corner of light in the shop is a riot of shapes and lights of all kinds. These three models of lamps cost less than 4 euros It has a unique and elegant design.

Ikea lamps for less than 4 euros (photo screen from the Ikea website) – VelvetStyle.it

What is a kitchen without a blackboard? It is impossible to even think of remembering everything without marking it at the moment. Although the use of a smartphone has now replaced almost everything, mainly before the transfer of shopping to the mobile phone, There is still an obligation to write everything down on the fly while cooking. Ikea has a great bulletin board to jot down every memo called Savsta and it’s priced 4.95 euros.

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Bowls and bowls of all kinds can be in pastel colors such as callas, Six pieces for €2.50. Or bigger, simple dishes, for €1, always Fikadags and Oftast for €1. Same name and same colorful and fun concept as Kalas glasses, Six pieces for €2.50. Or the 23 cl glass, Stelna, with a unique, sober and elegant design.

Tromma Clock Ikea (screenshot of the IKEA website photo) – VelvetStyle.it

There are still many products under 4 euros that are essential for the home and are readily available at Ikea. From Tromma wall clock, priced at 2.95 euros Gray with white numbers. Simple, beautiful in appearance, and adaptable to any room in the house.

Ikea is the usual place of doom where you walk in thinking you’re buying something and walk out with a cart full of anything. The nice thing is they’re all really basic stuff.

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