Here he remains on the jury – libero Quotidiano

Here he remains on the jury – libero Quotidiano

Last Friday the curtain fell Dancing with the starsthe controversial version of the show she hosted Millie Carlucci On Rai 1, the version won by Luisella Costamagna And the Pascual Larocaa highly contested victory notably by Wild Lucarelli.

Net disagreements, or perhaps thanks to disagreements, dance It has cleared the market in terms of share, so much so that Carlucci’s transfer and management are largely confirmed for next year, and Viale Mazzini’s leaders are in no doubt.

But will the jury remain the same? The landlady, Millie Carlucci, expresses herself on this pointwho in a recent interview Corriere della Sera He explained: I really believe we have the best jury in the world.

In short, if it were up to her, nothing would change. So, in 2023, we’ll probably see it again Caroline SmithAnd the Fabio CaninoAnd the Ivan Zazaroni And the Guillermo Mariotto. Here, Selvaggia Lucarelli will also be a member of the jury, but for her it is different: in fact, it was she herself who doubted her future participation in the program.

“I know I’m reaffirming it for them because they reported it to my agent. If I’m Dancing with the Stars in 2023? Now there’s an outburst of disappointment, I don’t know what to do, I guess we need to think about what happened,” he actually commented. Wild Lucarelli, still burned by the quarrels and quarrels and the elimination of her partner Lorenzo Biagiarelli. In short, the only doubt is: will you be there or not?

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