“Do you want to be engaged to me?” / but she …

Big Brother Vip 2021, Giucas Casella’s game

After a day of controversies and tensions, last night, at a house Big Brother VIP 2021Harmony returned, at least for a few moments. While Manila Nazzaro, Sully Sorge e Katia Ricciarelli They dined on the veranda, and all the other competitors gathered around the long table in the living room. To stir calm and erase the hostile atmosphere, Geocas Casilla Encourage Alessandro Bacciano to declare himself Sophie Codegoni. Giucas who, at first, protecting Sophie with whom he had pure affection, in the face of the complicity of the two former men and women, decided to organize a betrothal proposal.

Under the gaze of nearly all of Cinecittà’s tenants, Alessandro and Sophie, who later admitted they weren’t very romantic, were engaged by Giucas who devised a funny curtain.

Alessandro Bacciano to Sophie Codegoni: “Would you like to speak to me?”

With piano music played by Manuel Bortozo, Alessandro Bacciano She brought the most romantic part of her personality by making an engagement proposal a Sophie Codejoni. “I am not a person who talks much, but I wanted to ask you to be betrothed to me, ” Alessandro said. Amid cheers and smiles, the other tenants shouted: “Kiss, long live the newlyweds.”

But Sophie’s answer did not come. Then Codegoni added, in the garden, that it’s not very romantic. Ironically settled by Alessandro: “Wait for you to tell me not to live patriotically.”. Thus, the dating of Alessandro and Sophie continues: will the courtship become official? Will love really be born between the ex-Tronesta and the ex-boyfriend of men and women? waiting to find out, Click here to watch the video.

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