Don Matteo 14, a resounding farewell to the cast: no one could have imagined it

Don Matteo 14, a resounding farewell to the cast: no one could have imagined it

Don Matthew 14, a resounding farewell to the cast: no one could have imagined it. All fans will be speechless in the new season

together with Inspector Montalbano, is one of the greatest certainties in the midst of the fictional Ray family. for 22 years Don Mateo He keeps the company of millions of Italians, as evidenced by the data Listen to TVwithout knowing the regressions and crises.

Don Matteo, Terrence Hill and Raul Bova (Instagram)

Until last season, with The change between Terrence Hill and Raul Bova It was very successful and that’s why Rai already planned the continuation of the story. There will be Don Matteo 14, but will all the heroes loved by the public return? Indeed, the TV previews that arrive make all fans shudder, because there will be at least one important farewell.

All doubts revolve around the story of Captain Anna Oliveri, who played her Maria Chiara JanitaProsecutor Marco Nardi who has a face Maurizio Lastrico. As ‘TvMia’ wrote, the detective actress admitted that the last kiss between the two protagonists was the closure of a circle, which means there will be big surprises.

Don Matteo 14, a resounding farewell to the cast: big changes, the audience will have to get used to

But to make the fear worse, Maurizio Lustrico comments: “There was no prosecutor at all left for more than three seasons in Don Matteo. The story between Marco and Anna It should end well with that kiss, or it ends forever with one of the two characters leaving the scene. After all this is unthinkable to continue with this push and pull.” One of the screenwriters explained that there are also obligations for the actors involved, starting with Maria Chiara who participated in the second season of Blanca.

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Don Matteo fans can’t even hope for a resounding comeback Simon Montedoro, who played Captain Tomasi. He made a brief reappearance in Season 12, but he also ended his character’s storyline and there is no evidence for that
The writers somehow want to revive it.

Don Matteo, the kiss between Captain Anna Oliveri and Prosecutor Marco Nardi, (Rai screenshot)

But they will return in return Nino Frasica (Legendary Marshal Cecchini), the always-becoming Natalie Guetta, Natalina and Don Massimo played by Raul Bova. And when the shooting starts, we’ll find out more news

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