Einstein and Chaplin, two unrepeatable representatives of science and art

Einstein and Chaplin, two unrepeatable representatives of science and art

In the face of the scene of progressive cultural, political and social decay that we are witnessing in recent times, it is sometimes necessary to open a window on the past, as well as to remind the young and future generations of the memory of the performance of some extraordinary personalities, who often live in conflicting worlds, such as art and science, they are examples unique and possibly unrepeatable universal values.

On a distant day in 1931, the world’s most famous scientist Albert Einstein and the world’s most famous actor Charlie Chaplin met. It was a real historical event during which Einstein is said to address Chaplin: “What I like most about your art is its universality. You don’t say a word, but the world understands you. “

answered Chaplin – But you deserve more admiration. The whole world admires you, but no one understands you. “

Indeed, a certain difficulty often appears in understanding the silences, gestures, and expression of one and the realization of the genius science and unscrupulousness of the other, but they were and remain today very modern and objective media tools, capable of contradiction. Express the tremendous performance of their minds.

The art of one and the science of the other constitute an invaluable heritage of universal value, despite a certain interpretive difficulty of art and science, precisely because they are linked by the genius of the two different personalities who have known, and continue to know. Today and maybe in the future too, they will be able to communicate with the world.

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