“It wasn’t what I expected, I didn’t realize it was pre-recorded”

“It wasn’t what I expected, I didn’t realize it was pre-recorded”

Floriana again scornedFamous Island. The reality show hosted by Ilary Blasi disappointed the former outcast, who was eliminated after it sparked a lot of controversy in Honduras.

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Floriana Seconds argues with Celebrity Island

Former guest Barbara D’Urso, the former competitor, is back to talk about her own experience during the new episode of the afternoon 5. “It’s not the island I was expecting to do – says Secondi – I didn’t want to play the couples game, from the start I was a bit weak due to some situations … ».

Floriana Seconds, the attack on Antonio Ziquela

The former castaway is also in the studio Antonio Zequila, who specifically discusses with him some of his sayings. “You spoke wildly about me when you said I had the Beautiful Jahed Syndrome, that is not the case at all!” Floriana attacks him. “Anyone who knows me knows well that the feeling I have always had is gratitude. You are such a bad person that I said it publicly and I say it here too!”

“You told me that you chose me because you knew how much I wanted to create this island. Liar! You chose me because I was the strongest woman” Floriana again. “Instead, I would have liked you to say: ‘You are the most powerful and famous woman of all here and the most famous.’ Because, through thick and thin, I have won Big Brother.”

But that’s not all because after arguing with the ex-partner, Jevina’s ex also had to say it on the reality show. I didn’t realize it was a recorded program, despite the work of the photographers, which gives the audience about three hours. I thought if there was a discussion with Antonio, for example, the head and tail would have been shown, but it wasn’t.” In short, the former Gf winner doesn’t accept her disqualification and trade accusations with the reality show. Tonight he’ll be there as a guest who knows who’s going to piss off this time.

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