How does the superior “anti-missile shield” deployed by the United States work?

How does the superior “anti-missile shield” deployed by the United States work?

The United States is strengthening the shield against the missile coalition: responding to attacks by Iranian-backed militias and protecting Israel in the event of a ground attack. Jerusalem, according to the media, also postponed it pending the deployment of countermeasures. The first news comes from the sea front. The Hudner, which has been accompanying the Ford aircraft carrier in the eastern Mediterranean, will likely arrive in the Red Sea to join the Carney unit, the unit that intercepted nearly two dozen drones and missiles launched by Yemen’s Houthi rebels toward an Israeli town. . Eilat. Interestingly, according to Wall Street Journal,The Saudis also participated in the enforcement actionsAnd the destruction of one of his “carriers”: we feared this would include their territory.

A choice that goes beyond the military meaning, with Riyadh, which is actually indirectly contributing to thwarting a “coup” against the Jewish state. The intervention is linked to the device coordinated by the United States in the region, a sighting and contrast network made up of sites where radars are calibrated to track the missile threat: Mount Keren (Israeli Negev); Kurecek (Türkiye); Al Udeid (Qatar). In addition to these facilities, there are stations in Saudi Arabia (Prince Sultan), Jordan, Kuwait, Iraq, the Emirates (Al Dhafra), Bahrain, and of course Israel, which has an Iron Dome “umbrella.” These are countries that fear, for various reasons, the movements of the ayatollahs and the factions that receive weapons from the Islamic Republic, from Lebanon to Iraq.

However, it is found to the southwest of Cyprus Ford Task Force, with its own radars while the aircraft carrier Eisenhower, still in the Atlantic Ocean, could be diverted towards the Gulf of Oman. The devices on board are in addition to reconnaissance aircraft and drones, a constant presence since the beginning of the war in Syria, where the Russians are deployed.

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With the conflict in Gaza, the United States intensified its deployment New equipment towards the Jewish state, approximately 60 cargo ships are involved in transporting the two Iron Dome batteries – Israeli but supplied to the Americans – and the related munition, THAAD, always useful in terms of defense and logistical components. on Two thousand soldiers were put on early warning, ready to be deployed to support these devices. Nearly 2,500 Marines form part of the Bataan Amphibious Group currently located south of the Suez Canal. Other planes flew back and forth to Cyprus, home to the British base at Akrotiri and a “super antenna” with a listening post in the Todros Mountains.
The Australians have just announced the departure of the soldiers while Paris has ordered the departure of the amphibious assault ship Tonnerre and a humanitarian support hospital unit in Gaza.

In fact, it is the implementation of a project that Washington envisioned a long time ago. The “crown” of outposts, bases, sensors and electronic eyes Able to act as guards and therefore able to counter weapons of various types and missiles as well as cruise ships tested in nearby theatres. On Wednesday, Hamas attempted to strike Eilat, about 200 kilometers away, with an experimental Ayash model.

The Iraqi Islamic Resistance — a convenient shorthand for Shiite factions — targeted American barracks. On the other hand, Lebanese Hezbollah preferred to rely on smaller attacks while maintaining its huge arsenal. Signs things could happen. Newspaper HaaretzIn 2022, he spoke of a secret meeting held in Egypt with the participation of senior Israeli officers and their colleagues from the Sunni kingdoms in the Gulf, including the Qataris, Saudis, and Emiratis. Interviews aimed at training a A bloc under the American wing and attentive to Iran’s movements. Communications did not prevent the “sheikhs” from talking with the mullahs, easing old tensions by exchanging official visits, and promising a new “start” in relations, while always keeping their hand on the pod.

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Realism and practicality do not mean abandoning security needs in an unstable situation. This is also why there was a movement towards a Jewish state. The retaliation against Gaza, which resulted in the deaths of thousands, did not fail to refreeze dialogue with Arab regimes in solidarity with the Palestinians.. But the developments of the crisis will determine the period of anger, verbal mobilization and condemnation. Also because the missile provocations carried out by pro-Tehran militias, backed by undoubted capabilities, represent a warning.

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