June 8, 2023

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Roberto Boroni’s Passion for Fossils at the Museum of Paleontology of Earth Sciences – Centritalia News

The paleontological passion of Roberto Boroni, a native of Castelnuovo Berardenga who died in 2014, will live on again in the Paleontology Hall of the GAMPS Earth Museum in Scandicki created with his collection and named after him. The opening date has been set Sunday 23rd April At 3.30pm with free entry it will be an opportunity to remember Roberto Boroni and thank the family for the donation they have made to the museum, housed in the former Badia a Settimo school, today the Ofelia Mangini civic centre, with a permanent exhibition full of minerals and paleontology collected by enthusiastic volunteers. The municipality of Castelnuovo Berardenga joins in thanks, who supported the creation of Sala Roberto Burroni to remember its countryman and his great passion for excavations. GAMPS Museum of Ancient Earth SciencesAvis Mineralogy Paleontology Scandicci Group, relies on the work of several volunteers who have worked for many years to protect the paleontological assets on Italian soil thanks to the recovery and cataloging of thousands of fossil finds that have fully entered the scientific research on the ancient animals that inhabited Tuscany, such as Brunella’s whale in Montalcino, It was discovered and restored by GAMPS in 2007. Born from the constant collaboration with institutions, the GAMPS Paleontological Science of the Earth Museum is a place where the common good can be appreciated and studied by the most important Italian and foreign universities. Roberto Boroni’s room He will remember a well-known and respected great fossil enthusiast in the field of amateur paleontology, who over the years has amassed over a hundred finds mainly from the Castelnuovo Berardenga area. From the next few days, thanks to the collaboration that united the family, the municipality of Castelnovino and GAMPS, the Roberto Burroni collection will be admired and appreciated in one of the most important rooms of the Museum of Paleontology of Earth Sciences, dedicated to scientific research.

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