Neurologists’ Tricks to Avoid Memory Loss as We Age

Neurologists’ Tricks to Avoid Memory Loss as We Age

Memory is this precious asset that we underestimate in our youth, believing it to be fixed and infinite, and this is what catches our attention when the signs are already evident with age. The good news is that we can perform some of the recommended preventive exercises Richard Restakan 80-year-old American neurologist offers us four easy and affordable tactics for anyone.

Restak He is undoubtedly a reliable source: for his scientific knowledge and because he himself is going through the third age and doing so in good shape. He spreads knowledge for life without forgetting the new technologies as well as depression because it can hide, he says, after amnesia.

By the age of three, they may experience specific symptoms such as mild forgetfulness that does not interfere with the person’s daily life or activities such as taking medication, using the phone, remembering the route, etc. counting At home or driving, among other things. When this happens, we mustTogo In medical consultation.

Expert voices speak of certain signs we can take into consideration. With the Symptoms of severe cognitive impairment: asking the same questions over and over; getting lost in familiar places; not being able to follow recipes; getting confused about time, people or places; and giving up on self-care. To train your memory, it is important to stick to a series of simple practices, preferably linked to daily life, the teacher points out. Restak.

Attention deficit may be the real problem.

In this natural slight forgetfulness in advanced ages, Restak He specifies that the origin may lie more in a lack of attention than in a failure of memory. To restore attention, this neurologist advises that each time new information is learned, it be associated with an object or phenomenon, so that the memory association is more stable.

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Although it can be seen in other ways as an ally, for this expert technology is the distraction, the enemy of memory. Its effect on attention spans is directly proportional to the first minor cases of forgetfulness that can strike us.

Daily Memory Exercises: Shopping List

Restak It goes to the simplest gestures to take care of our memory. Therefore, it is advisable to start with everyday gestures: the shopping list or the cooking recipe. We must memorize them and practice them daily, so that they help us retain this knowledge. In this way, it is also advisable to drive without Global Positioning System (GPS).

The importance of playing and reading

Memory loss is the most common complaint in medical consultations for people over the age of 55. Restak It is guaranteed that in most cases it is not a symptom of serious impairments, although it is important to exercise memory capacity. At these ages, playing can also help, which is why the neurologist advises playing all kinds of games, from the simplest to the most complex.

Similar to the more playful methods, the American expert also highlights the importance of maintaining the habit of literature in these times, because it imposes commitment to the text (remembering the characters, the narrative, etc.) which can help greatly.

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