The Italian League remains on DAZN and Sky, with TV rights granted – News

The Italian League remains on DAZN and Sky, with TV rights granted – News

White smoke for television rights: The Italian League will remain on DAZN and Sky. The Lega Serie A association accepted the broadcasters’ offer with a majority of 17 votes in favour. The clubs therefore accepted the offer from Dazn and Sky of $900 million per season from 2024/25 to 2028/29, of which nearly 700 million will come from the OTT platform and another 200 million from Comcast’s pay TV, compared to €927.5 million for the three-year period. Years 2021/24. The La Liga channel hypothesis therefore ends for the time being, with the clubs preferring to continue with the current structure: DAZN will broadcast 10 matches, with 3 co-exclusive.

“The base is 900 million euros per year, of which 700 from Dazn and 200 from Sky for five years, but with the revenue sharing tool with Dazn, the figure could far exceed what it was in the previous three years, reaching 5/6 years and reaching “To a billion.” Luigi De Siervo, CEO of the Italian League, explained this in a press conference at the end of the club meeting. “The basis for revenue sharing is 750 million euros of Dazn’s revenues, close to its current revenues: above this figure, revenues will be split 50% between the league and the platform, without any risks,” Dee added. Servo. “In this regard, we are not evaluating an aggressive hypothesis, but rather a conservative hypothesis. We are on the right track, and we are happy with the way things turned out. In the most conservative hypothesis, we are talking about 60 million in additional revenues out of $900 million,” $47 million must also be added to the technical costs of broadcasters’ investments. “The selection therefore shows figures, between technical costs and revenues, above the average of a billion over the five years.”

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“It is a defeat for Italian football. With this display, football will die.” It is an attack on the president of Naples Aurelio De Laurentiis, interrupting the press conference of the CEO of the Italian League, Luigi De Siervo, at the end of today’s meeting. “Sky and Dazin are not qualified, they are not good for Italian football.”

He added: “I am happy with the result and the decision taken by the association. Even if the values ​​achieved do not reflect what we expected, it is right to give continuity to the relationship with Sky and DAZN.” So said the President of Turin Urbano Cairo after the La Liga meeting. “I think differently than De Laurentiis, I don’t think football will die with this decision. The offer could also be higher because of the revenue sharing part. De Laurentiis has a way of thinking about things that hides a visionary side but this time I told him who would say thank you, even if “He didn’t realize it,” he said, paraphrasing what Antonio Ricci told Prime Minister Meloni.

“We are happy with this result. Remaining the reference platform for Serie A and the main partner of Serie A demonstrates the solidity of the partnership that has been developed over these years, and of which we are very proud.” This was stated by the CEO of Dazn Italia, Stefano Azzi. “We have before us, for the first time, a five-year time horizon, and having defined our offer, even economically, in the tender on the logic of sharing the growth that we expect from the Italian market, this lays the foundations for a profitable and beneficial growth.” A constructive cooperation relationship with the Italian League and with the clubs. – continues Qazi -. We can’t wait to start this innovative development path to increase the value of the Serie A product by presenting it in new ways to a wider audience.”

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“In recent years, DAZN has worked intensively for the Italian League, the clubs and the fans. We are grateful for the trust placed in us over the next five years which will allow us to continue to offer, innovate and enhance the fun and passion that Italians enjoy. Shai Segev, CEO of DAZN Group, said: “ Football is famous. It is a great result for all parties. We will continue to strive to develop the best possible services for our customers, with an absolute focus on making better accessibility, entertainment and innovation. that Dazn’s world-leading technology is designed to deliver.”

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