MotoGP, British Grand Prix: Zarco’s pole at Silverstone, Bagnaya V. qualification results

MotoGP, British Grand Prix: Zarco’s pole at Silverstone, Bagnaya V.  qualification results

It’s hard to pick a protagonist from dramatic qualifiers at times. When Alex Espargaro left Aprilia in pain (The one who in Free 4 struck, a frightening crunch from which the Spaniard grew unspeakable pain, especially in the feet) His chest was lined up for tribute. That sixth time was out of the question, 1: 57.966, below the record. Qutb’s time, were it not for the fact that they did not spare themselves in front of him. They told him, “Take a few laps and see how you are.” Alex did not stop, if not to install a new tire to guide him decisively for the first row. And for a moment he cried out a miracle. Then came Quartararo, Miller, Bagnaia, Vinales, and finally Zarco who lined up with everyone else. But for everyone, the hero of the day remainswho on Sunday will have to overcome pain first of all to win a start-up that puts him in line with Bagnaia, fifth, and Quartararo. Ironically, the most anticipated character is a perfect scenariowith the Spaniard completely determined to believe in what so far seemed like an achievement (who would have bet on his second place in the World Cup at the start of the season), the French captain was in the standings. had to take a long sentence Which seems to have been taught by a skilled director, but is useful to the other two, including Ducati Piedmontese who can’t even give him a meter if he wants to reopen the tournament. No one seems to be taking seriously the other French player who finished eighth at the top of the standings and is still third in the tournament. Who knows why Zarco gathers less consensus than his results might warrant. He hasn’t won anything in MotoGP yet, the Pramac Ducati rider, but his strength in qualifying shows through the numbers and his regularity in the race is, after all, an advantage that others would envy. Ducati put seven bikes in the top twelveonly Di Gianantonio (15th) was missing to repeat the show of force to disarm: Zarco I, Miller III, Bagnaya Fifth, Bezicci VII, Bastianini VIII, Martin IX, Marini X. Getting to the podium becomes the minimum goal of the Bolognese plant, otherwise a reflection on the potential on the track and the results achieved will be required. The problem no longer belongs to HondaApparently: Alex Marquez, 17, is the first Japanese V4 to show any signs of recovery. This seems to hang more and more on fate Marc Marquez.

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