Show duration revealed by Geoff Keighley –

Show duration revealed by Geoff Keighley –

Geoff Kelly revealed that i The Game Awards 2022 They’ll be shorter than last year’s show, but how much shorter? At first the conductor didn’t reveal the shape, but in a new clip saved from the live Twitch he gave more accurate indications. According to what has been revealed, TGA 22 will continue About two and a half hoursCompared to three hours and fifteen minutes last year.

This duration depends on General rehearsal, so it may not be accurate to the moment, but it still gives us a general idea of ​​what we can expect. The two-and-a-half hours can be exceeded if the winners’ speeches last longer than expected.

Obviously, showtime is just one of the issues for us European viewers. The event will start at 2am for us Italians and a two and a half hour duration means you will have to stay up until at least 4.30am to catch the action live. We at are not going to miss it, but we know that for many these times are simply impossible to manage.

Game Awards 2022 statuette

The Game Awards 2022 event will feature fewer “big” games, but you shouldn’t miss out on titles that gamers are highly anticipating. Moreover, according to Keighley, the demo will include a bit of CG and a lot of gameplay, which will obviously please gamers.

It was also confirmed today that Reggie Fils-Aimé will be one of the hosts on the show, along with many other high profile names.

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