“The people triumph over tyranny” – Corriere.it

“The people triumph over tyranny” – Corriere.it
From Monica Ricci Sargentini

Badri Hussein posted a message on his son’s Twitter account: “The regime has brought nothing but suffering.” At the end of November, his daughter was arrested. Major in the university, protests and clashes

Badri Hossein Khamenei, sister of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic Ali Khamenei, published a message of wishes. “Soon the victory of the people and the overthrow of this tyranny in power.” In the message posted on his son’s Twitter account and re-released by some media outlets, Badri Khamenei criticizes his brother He stated, “The Islamic Republic regime has brought nothing but suffering and oppression to Iran and Iranians. The people of Iran deserve freedom and prosperity Their rebellion is legitimate and necessary to obtain their rights.”

At the end of November, she again ended up in the dungeon Farida MaradkhaniAnd the Al-Badri’s daughter and granddaughter of the Supreme Leader. A human rights activist, after he called on governments to sever relations with Tehran because of its suppression of the popular uprising.

Meanwhile, students of the University of Tehran protested today in Iran while he was a guest at their university President of the Islamic Republic of IranIbrahim Raisi Student Day. Many of them were beaten. report it Student Union Councilquoted BBC Persia. The students tried several times to demonstrate, but were soon attacked by the security forces. According to the boys, one of their escorts, Muhammad Shabati, was “kidnapped by the security forces and taken to the university’s security building.”

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Chief Raisi argued that “protest is different from rebellion”. “We are always determined to listen to what the students say.” confirmed.

Since September 16, Iranians have taken to the streets to protest the death of the 22-year-old Kurdish woman in Tehran, Mahsa AminiAfter she was arrested by the Iranian Morale Police for not wearing the headscarf properly.

Protest leads to reform, insteadRebellion leads to destruction and despair.”The Iranian president added. The president said that universities are “think tanks and advisory centers” and called for expanding the relationship between universities and the government and inviting students to solve problems.

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