Alfa Romeo, a million euro supercar – Mundo Auto

Alfa Romeo, a million euro supercar – Mundo Auto

Production will begin in 2025, but the bookings race is already on

Alfa Romeo, a million euro supercar

Limited edition supercar by license plate Alfa Romeo, to relaunch a brand that made automotive history in terms of performance. And it’s not just one of the many dreams of Alpha fans, but rather a promise that seems to have been made by CEO Jean-Philippe Imbrato himself.

Of course, at the moment there is not much news, however The very short teaser launched on the Instagram page The trademark about a future mathematical model suggests the thing will be done, so much so that two possible names for the new creature’s christening have also begun to circulate: 6c or 33both reminiscent of racing history and passion.

But the most amazing thing, even before the official announcement (rumors are talking about next April), is that The race to book has already begun, for a model that not only should go into production in 2025, but would cost a full 1 million euros. An optional exclusion, as always.

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