Show at the beginning of 2023? New rumors and clues seem to confirm it –

Show at the beginning of 2023?  New rumors and clues seem to confirm it –

New rumors and alleged clues unearthed by gamers seem to bolster theories that Microsoft is planning a big deal. Xbox displays In the The first months of 2023 to present a magnificent pomp Xbox lineup and Game Pass Next year.

The first sign came from Microsoft’s Aaron Greenber, who promised Xbox gamers they wouldn’t have to wait long to see what’s cooking for 2023. Information of an Xbox event similar in size to pre-Covid XOs is in Q1 2023.

As mentioned at the beginning, new items have now arrived, which seem to confirm this hypothesis. Rand Taurus 19, a popular YouTuber and one of the Xbox Two hosts along with Jez Corden, mentioned inThe last episode of the podcast To receive confirmation from two different sources that Microsoft intends to hold an event in early 2023.

Added to that are the potential clues that have arrived from Forza racing series teams in recent months, as reported by Redditter Meghaning 4. particularly Turn 10 He said in September that the studio would interact with players again in early 2023 to talk about the new Forza Motorsport.


PlayGround Games In his monthly Forza episode in November, he instead said that the developers are hard at work on a second expansion for Forza Horizon 5 and we can expect to see it in early 2023, with more information to be shared after the start of the year. Thus, the idea is that, barring unforeseen events, presentations related to Forza Motorsport and Horizon 5 will take place during the Xbox event, increasing the likelihood that there will be one already scheduled for the beginning of next year.

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After all, in the coming months Microsoft will also have to reveal the release dates of Starfield and Redfall, as well as introduce new projects in the short and long term through first-party studios, so the premise of a show at the beginning of the year generally seems reasonable. We’ll see, for now, we recommend as usual taking all of the above information to see what it is, and that’s just plain crap.

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