Chrome update: there is a serious bug

Chrome update: there is a serious bug

Google corrected one for the seventh time this year double zero day from his Chrome browser. Previously, updates for these vulnerabilities were released in February, March, April, July, August and September. The latest Zero-Day exploit is of sortsconfusion‘, labeled with the symbol CVE-2022-3723It is found in V8, the JavaScript engine used by Chrome and other browsers to run scripts on websites.

Chrome vulnerability: sensitive data at risk

Google rated the impact of the vulnerability as “long. If this vulnerability is exploited, it could allow attackers Accessing parts of memory From a device that may be conventionally out of range. In the worst case, therefore, a hacker can check me sensitive data The applications installed on the device run on it.

Big J, according to reports Computeraware of the matter October 25 By researchers at a cybersecurity company Avast. Google has not revealed whether this bug has already been actively exploited by one or more hackers.

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Issuance Google Chrome 107.0.5304.87/88 With a security patch available for macOS, Linux and Windows. The update will happen automatically on most systems in the following days. Anyone wishing to receive the update immediately must make a file manual control.

How to update Chrome

To do this update, you need to access a menu Chrome settings By clicking on the icon in the upper right corner of the screen. The drop-down menu that opens, at the end, will show the item “settings”.

At this point, it is necessary to click “Get to know ChromeAnd the at the bottom of the list on the left and the system will independently check for the presence of a file Updated and safe version.

So, if it exists, the latest version has it Security patch It will be detected and installed. Once you perform this procedure, simply click on the “Restartto install the update.

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