Pro-Qatar Document and Panziri NGO: Rola Jibril is also investigating

Pro-Qatar Document and Panziri NGO: Rola Jibril is also investigating

Investigations by Belgian detectives continue unabated, and as time goes by, more and more news about what has been renamed Qatargate. There are still many aspects to be clarified and updates are expected soon. Highlighting the activities of MEPs and aides implicated in the scandal: among them, the Belgian Social Democrat Mary ArenaChairman of the Subcommittee on Human Rights. Well, last May 10, it was precisely that committee that hosted the presentation of the annual report of Panziri’s NGO, Anti-Impunity Organization, complete with discussion of a document in which it was alleged – among other things – that the UAE was Trying to bribe members of the European Parliament Distorting the image of competing countries such as Qatar and Turkey.. Among the external guests is Prof Shelby Grossman Especially Rola Gabriel.

Rola Jibril and the pro-Qatar document

Advocating for the left, the Italian-Palestinian journalist was invited to Brussels to give her opinion on a document that depicts Qatar as a victim The United Arab EmiratesHistoric socio-political and economic enemies. The United Arab Emirates has “successfully positioned itself on the map of the global sports and entertainment industry” thanks toPop icons Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lopez perform at festive ceremonies, fueling the idea of ​​a liberal Arab society. In spite of “Great discrimination against women condemned by human rights”Analyze your report free.

surrounded by dim Alessandra Moretti – Who was not a member of that sub-committee – Rola Jibril participated in the Drewy debate over the document that publicly denounced Qatar’s ranking at 85th in the human rights rankings, with the United Arab Emirates at 13th. We may have forgotten the thousands killed during the construction of stadiums for the World Cup, and the restrictions Freedom and various rights at risk. Once again, the criticism directed against the blockade imposed on Qatar by the Emirates, Arab countries, Bahrain and Egypt, Although Doha “supported the popular uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia.”

Analysis by Susanna Cicardi

For the time being, Rola Jibril has taken no stance, but in the past on her personal Twitter page she spared no defenses against Qatar. Back to the Subcommittee, Northern League MEP Susanna Cicardi He revealed that he asked a question to the Vice-President of the European Commission, Josep Borrell, calling for the European Union He explained the links between Qatar and some terrorist groups: “I asked if he intended to assess the possibility of imposing restrictive measures in Doha to limit its financial interference in Europe.” Nothing to change, Burrell replied. Furthermore, Chicardi recalled Rola Jibril’s provocation against her on May 10:“I understand that some extreme right-wingers (the League, according to the journalist) are ready to be paid by Putin …”.

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